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Need an Edible to Sleep? Here’s How to Stop the Munchies Before Bed

Put the Hot Pocket down and hit the hay

It’s a heinous conundrum: You need edibles to sleep, but they make your belly moan for Hot Pockets and Taco Bell. Succulent as that sounds, you’re counting calories, and it’s not exactly healthy to mainline five chalupas before bed. Ugh. There’s still hope for you, though: I asked Budtender Awards medalist Zulema Lino and the weed eaters of r/TreeEdibles how to curb those edible-based munchies. So drop the potato chips, put on your PJs and get ready for bed.

Snack on Something Healthy

In many cases, munchies are an unavoidable consequence of ingesting weed. Thus, the many stoners of r/TreeEdibles suggest simply opting for healthier snacks when hunger strikes (fruits and vegetables should do). It’s not an impeccable solution — one r/TreeEdibles poster said they ate “seven mangoes and four nectarines” in a single sitting while high — but still, it’s better than Hot Pockets or Taco Bell.

Drink a Bunch of Water

“Hydration is everything,” Lino says. In fact, science has shown that drinking water can increase feelings of fullness and prompt weight loss. More specifically, one study found that 17 ounces (just over two cups) of water stretches the stomach enough to send fullness signals to the brain. So make sure to drink up after an edible.

Chew Gum or Brush Your Teeth

Similar to drinking water, chewing gum can repress feelings of hunger. It can provide the flavor your tongue craves once the edible kicks in as well. “Brushing your teeth with mint toothpaste can also help curb the cravings,” an r/TreeEdibles respondent says. That’s in part because mint seems to be a natural appetite suppressant, but also because doing things can make you forget you were even hungry in the first place. Weird how weed works, huh?

Swap Your Edible for a Weed-Infused Meal

This is a much more involved approach, but if you’re desperate, consider swapping your late-night chocolates and gummies for a full dinnertime meal that’s dosed with weed. That way, you’re satiating your hunger and getting high at the same time. Here’s our guide to making cannabutter, which you can then use to add THC to anything you’d like to eat. 

Experiment With Different Types of Edibles

There are many different doses, concentrations and strains when it comes to weed, and you may react to them differently. So don’t be afraid to try something new if your go-to edible always makes you hungry. “I prefer infused dark chocolate,” Lino says. “It satisfies my sweet tooth and my desire to crave.” 

Go to Sleep

The best way to avoid the munchies, according to Lino, is to simply go to bed. Ideally, you want to take your edible right before lying down. That way, you’ll fall asleep as it’s coming on, and you’ll already be asleep when any potentially unwanted side effects come about — hunger, anxiety, etc.

Oh, you’re already asleep? Good night, sweety.