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A Loved-Up Timeline of Your Average Molly High

MDMA can be a roller coaster. Here’s where it begins and ends

Your friend gave you molly to keep the night going, and now that you’ve taken it, you’re not sure you needed to. Your jaw is clenched, and you’re just not really feeling the club anymore. You look down at your phone, and it’s as though no time has passed whatsoever. “When will this end?!” you wonder. 

Here’s a timeline of your average molly high so you know what to expect going forward.

The Come-Up

You’re already coming up — the lights seem brighter, the dance floor is calling and a warm wave is coasting through your body — so it’s probably been about an hour since you took molly. On a mostly empty stomach, new users typically begin feeling its effects after 60 minutes or so (eating a big meal beforehand can delay their onset). However, seasoned psychonauts who are familiar with the tingly, warm-hearted feelings associated with molly may notice them within 30 minutes.

The Peak

You can expect to peak about two hours after popping molly. That’s when you’ll likely start feeling talkative, touchy-feely and just generally in love with everything. Anecdotally, some people experience more anxiety while coming up than while peaking, probably because the change from sober to high can sometimes be abrupt and alarming. Still, the peak should theoretically be when you experience the most euphoria and energy. After about an hour of peaking, those effects will begin to subside.

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The Comedown

A molly high lasts for up to five hours (some say three, since that’s typically when the peak ends), after which you’ll begin coming down. Your serotonin levels will start to drop, so you’ll likely feel gloomy and just generally less happy. You may also feel fatigued and lonely. It’s possible that you’ll have trouble sleeping, too. While you should feel progressively more and more normal as time goes on, the comedown can last for a day or two.

How Long Does Molly Stay in Your System?

Molly has a half-life of eight hours, and 95 percent of the drug is eliminated from your body after about five half-lives. That means it can take 40 or more hours for your body to be entirely molly-free, hence the reason why you may experience a two-day comedown. But the more molly you take, the longer it stays in your body (and molly remnants can remain in your hair for months). Still, most forms of drug tests — urine, blood and saliva — can only detect molly in your system for up to two or three days. 

Feel better now? It won’t be long until you’re out of the woods, so sit back and enjoy the ride.