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Tits Out at In-N-Out: The Horny World of Fast Food Nudes

On subreddits like r/fastfoodnudez, there are tits in the dining room, butts in the keg storage area and a squirting woman in the Waffle House bathroom. What could be more appetizing?

Is there something about McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets that just makes you want to take your top off? Does a fountain Sprite make you horny? Do Dunkin’s donut-hole Munchkins leave you wanting to show off your hole? 

You’re not alone. Across various corners of the adult internet, people are partaking in the glory of combining fast food and naked photos. The most popular figures in these corners, of course, are the women who work at these establishments. 

On r/fastfoodnudez and the more cleverly named r/McDonudes, with 9,500 and 22,000 subscribers respectively, anyone of legal age can post a nude of themselves in a fast-food restaurant or in their fast-food employee uniform. Among the top-performing posts on r/fastfoodnudez are a video of an employee squirting on the bathroom floor of Waffle House and a woman in a Buffalo Wild Wings uniform flashing her boobs and butt where the kegs are stored. But there are plenty of customers who pull their boobs out in the Five Guys dining room as well. 

Beyond that, the more extreme the photo — i.e., someone completely topless in a Burger King, or someone getting railed in a Wendy’s — the better. Recognizability of the venue is a factor, too. That’s why uniformed employees are so popular — you can tell right away where they’re located. Even so, the subreddits above do include some non-chain and less prominent locations. For example, any coffee shop is also fair game. 

But really, the subreddit is another extension of Reddit and porn’s love of public nudity. There’s something fun and taboo about the risk of getting caught by a stranger, and for consumers of this content, it’s all the more amplified when it takes place in a location where the viewer can imagine themselves being. 

Such is the appeal of the “Middle America” porn trend that Isabelle Kohn dissected for MEL two years ago, where adult content takes place in such unsexy locations as Walmart. “Maybe the appeal is that in a very real way, Middle America porn depicts you,” she wrote. “You go to Walmart. You have to wait in line at the DMV. You have impure thoughts about the Starbucks barista. It’s an entirely different you than one you curate for others, and perhaps not a version of yourself you dedicate much brain space to, but it’s still you, and possibly an even more authentic version at that.” 

Notably, this contrasts with the usual fiction and production value of porn, where an upscale fantasy is being sold. As Kohn pointed out, in Middle America porn and these fast-food subreddits, it’s often real people in real situations you specifically might find yourself in. And in the subreddits in particular, while some of the women posting may be semi-pros with successful OnlyFans accounts, there remains a very believable sense that these are actual Dunkin’ employees or In-N-Out customers.

On r/fastfoodnudez and r/McDonudes, we get a peek at the fantasies many project upon employees and customers and see that in some cases, they’re real. That hot Waffle House waitress may well be squirting on the bathroom floor on her break! While you were looking at your phone, that cute customer a few tables over was flashing her camera! You might have missed it, but at least on these subreddits, you can pretend you didn’t — and relish in the fact that you’re not the only person horny for fast food.