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‘Face/Off’ Redux, Incels Without Hate and What It’s Like to Work the Night Shift for a Decade

Everyone’s got a favorite scene from Face/Off: The doves scene; the “I could eat a peach for hours” scene; or every scene where someone puts their hand on someone else’s face. The movie is eminently re-watchable, if only to ask, “But why?!?!”

Some films or franchises ought to be rebooted, if only to capitalize on What Could Have Been — looking at you, Matrix — but Face/Off was so right the first time, to remake it would be to deface (see what I did there?) a work of art.

So don’t deface Face/Off, Paramount. We beg of you.

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Beautiful Strangers

You could spend thousands of dollars a year talking to a therapist in an effort to improve your mental health. Or — and bear with me, now — you could ride the bus or take the subway. Because striking up a conversation with strangers (like the ones you might meet on public transport, at the gym or at the supermarket) is the cheapest form of therapy there is — if, of course, you can get past the awkwardness factor.


News broke this week that Paramount is slating the 1997 John Woo gonzo classic Face/Off for a reboot, and people are pissed. How does one remake something that was so bat-shittingly perfect? The whole point of a film where Nic Cage and John Travolta put on epically hammy performances, and unbelievably, SWAP THEIR FACES, was that no one could expect to top it. And Miles Klee would argue that nobody ever has — or ever can in the future.

Batteries: Like, How Do They Work???

Has your TV remote ever stopped working, so you take the batteries out, or roll them in place, put the cover back on and then the remote magically starts working again? Here’s what’s up with that.

The Rise of the ‘Tall Bottoms’

First came the power bottoms. Then the Short Kings. Now the latest all-inclusive, body-positive community to bloom? “Tall Bottoms,” i.e., 6-foot-plus gays who like to get fucked — and they’re subverting the tired queer sexual tropes the community is expected to adhere to.

Let’s Get These Guys

Equifax, a company on the receiving end of one of the largest and most devastating data breaches in U.S. history, deserves to get fucked by the millions of Americans who signed up for the $125 cash settlement offered by the credit agency as compensation. This week, however, they made getting that money all the more difficult, when they announced that everyone who filed a claim now must jump through additional hoops if they ever want to see that scratch. To which we say, fuck ’em — let’s secure those bags anyway.

Raised Right

It’s often said that it’s wealthy people who are “raised right”: They’re refined, mannered, proper and set the tone for the rest of us. But Tracy Moore, who grew up dirt poor in the South before eventually moving to the big city, argues that, actually, we’ve been getting that cliché ass-backwards this whole time.

Night Shifter

What’s it like to work a decade on the night shift? Well, the money’s relatively good. But the lack of a social life, the inability to keep a relationship and potentially crippling health issues make working at night for long periods of time a much more terrifying prospect.