Dude-Strology: What Are the Worst Signs to Be in a Love Triangle With?

It ain’t a Gemini. They’re open to anything — and we mean, anything. Especially because they like to experiment. And so, the sharp angles of a love triangle don’t get any smoother than when they’re one-third of it. Scorpios, though, watch out. Here’s why. Also in this episode: Why Aires love nothing more than to win (and will stop at nothing to do so), how Virgos can deal with stress and what to do when you’ve been laid off and your parent is a Capricorn. More importantly, write to me. Because men, I’m more than happy to tell you what your sign means w/r/t whatever is happening in your bedroom, with your friends and family or your job/office. Hmu at erin.taj@melindustries.com.