Dude-strology: How Do I Stop My Leo Co-Worker from Stealing All My Ideas?

I’m gonna go ahead and assume that you care a tiny bit about astrology by this point. Because as you know by now, it reveals all about the things that are most important in life — sex, love, family, friendship, money, work and much more. Plus, I’m here to help—to show you how the answers to your most pressing/distressing questions reside in the stars.

And so, in this particular episode, I offer astrological wisdom for the following questions:

  1. I’m an Aries who keeps going on really bad dates. Which sign should I be dating?
  2. How do I stop my Leo co-worker from stealing all of my ideas?
  3. This weird thing keeps happening with the Capricorn I’m dating: I go down on her, but she doesn’t return the favor. She hasn’t explained why either. What’s a Gemini like me to do?

More importantly, write to me. Because men, I’m more than happy to tell you what your sign means w/r/t whatever is happening in your bedroom, your group-text chain or your office. Hmu at erin.taj@melindustries.com.