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The Painful Mystery of the ‘Double Diet Coke Piercing’

A Prince Albert is widely considered to be the most painful piercing, but TikToker @ephemeral_remy swears it’s something more Diet Coke-related... or so it seems

Most piercings are named after whichever body part they’re attached to — tongue, belly button, septum, nipple. A select few, like the medusa, the rook or the Prince Albert, got their names somewhere else entirely. So, what, exactly, is a “double Diet Coke piercing”?


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In a TikTok posted on the Fourth of July from the very inked-up and pierced tattoo artist @ephemeral_remy, he responds to a question from a viewer who asked him what his most painful piercing was. With no subtitles on to help clarify, it sounds exactly like he’s saying his worst piercing was the “double Diet Coke piercing,” which he explains people will only grasp the pain of if they look it up. 

So, naturally, plenty of people took to Google to try to figure out what kind of piercing he was talking about, and now, according to Google Trends, there’s been a huge spike in searches across the U.S. for the phrase. “I need captions to Google,” one woman wrote in the comments. “I keep looking up ‘double Diet Coke piercing.’”

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing. Instead, we’re all just mishearing @ephemeral_remy saying “double dydoe piercing.” But considering there’s no body part called the “dydoe,” knowing what he’s actually saying doesn’t fully illuminate what he’s talking about, either. It turns out, though, that a dydoe involves piercing through the ridge that separates the head of the penis from the shaft. This ridge is also called the “corona” or “coronal ridge.” Not everyone has a super-defined corona, but some people have enough extra flesh there to add a piece of jewelry. Remy, it seems, has enough flesh there to have added two. Usually, people who have this piercing wear barbell-style jewelry. While we don’t know for sure what exactly Remy uses or where they’re placed, double dydoe piercings often look like this

So, for better or worse, a double Diet Coke piercing doesn’t exist. But, you know, maybe some creative folks with can-shaped dicks should start working on that. We’d first need a Coke piercing, then a double Coke piercing and then the Diet version would have to be some lighter twist on the original. Given that the double dydoe required a particularly flared penis head, it probably wouldn’t make sense for can-shaped dicks. At least for them, there’s always the Prince Albert.