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Will Losing Weight Make My Dick Bigger?

Excess weight can make the penis appear smaller, but if you’re a certain type of man, you can reverse the illusion

There’s not much you can do to make your dick bigger. Length-wise, at least, you’re given what you’ve got. You can temporarily give yourself the illusion of a bigger dick — either with penis pumps or by injecting stem cells into it — but if you want a long-term change, there’s really only one thing some men can do: Lose weight.

“Losing weight gives the illusion of a bigger penis by exposing more of the shaft, which can often get buried in excess fat,” explains Joshua Gonzalez, a board-certified urologist and sexual health advisor for Astroglide. “Shedding excess pounds, especially in the suprapubic [aka pelvic] area, can make one’s dick look longer because more of it is visible.”

Of course, in order for weight loss to give you a bigger-looking dick, you have to have the pounds to shed. For someone who’s already thin, becoming even thinner isn’t going to make a difference in the dick department. Further, the weight that’s lost needs to be from fat. You can technically “lose weight” from muscle mass and physically be lighter, but it won’t make much of a difference in your body composition as it relates to your genitals. 

The most significant dick differences with weight loss will come to those who are more severely overweight or obese. In extreme cases, the body is no longer able to support the penis amid the body fat, and the penis becomes “absorbed” into it. This is typically called a “buried” or “innie” penis

“Buried penis is a condition in which a person’s dick is hidden or buried in the excess skin and fat of the lower abdomen,” Gonzalez tells me. “It’s most commonly associated with obesity, but it can sometimes occur from other conditions like connective tissue disorders, lichenoid disorders and lymphedema.” Some people are born with this condition, he continues. For others, it can be an acquired problem. 

Either way, the remedy involves addressing the root cause. “If it’s due to excess pounds, weight loss can sometimes help,” says Gonzalez. “But men tend to hold on to suprapubic fat even if they lose weight elsewhere, so sometimes this condition requires surgical intervention.”

Buried penises are a very specific problem — you’d know it if you were experiencing it. If you’re overweight, don’t go assuming that you’ve got an extra inch of dick hidden inside you — that’s not how it works. However, losing weight should help you feel like your dick is bigger, at least relative to the size of your body. This will be most noticeable if you lose weight in your stomach area, though unfortunately, it’s impossible to pick and choose where you’ll lose fat. 

That said, losing weight in general can help boost your sexual health in a number of ways, depending on how overweight you are to start with. For example, obesity can contribute to lower testosterone, but the hormone will return to normal with weight loss, allowing libido, energy and mood to improve with it. Honestly, that’ll probably do a lot more for your sex life than the perception of a bigger dick ever could.