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Can ‘Dog Beer’ Help You Get Wasted With Your Good Boi?

It won’t get your dog drunk, but let’s be real — that’s for the best

If you’re feeling the quarantine loneliness, you may look at your dog and think, Man, I really wish I could crack open a cold one with the good boi right now. 

You can, if you get him some dog beer. But what does dog beer do? Does dog beer get dogs drunk? Does dog beer have alcohol in it? What is dog beer made of, anyway? Grab yourself a frosty while we answer all your questions about dog beer.

Does Dog Beer Get Dogs Drunk?

No, dog beer is non-alcoholic, which I imagine is for the best. “When people ask me if Bowser Beer will make their dog drunk — either out of curiosity or hopefulness — I always tell them, ‘No, someone has to walk you home,’” says Jenny Brown, founder and CEO of Bowser Beer for dogs.

What Is Dog Beer Made of, Then?

The same stuff in dog food, for the most part. Busch Dog Brew, for instance, contains bone-in pork butt, whole corn, celery, basil, mint, turmeric, ginger and water. Bowser Beer is made from beef, chicken or pork — depending on the flavor — malt extract and glucosamine, which is added for joint health, as well as a few common preservatives. That means, yeah, you can safely sip some dog beer, too — if malted meat water sounds appealing to you.

Besides being non-alcoholic, dog beer is also free of hops, which can be toxic to dogs, and carbonation, which can upset their stomachs. Just check the label for serving sizes, pour some dog beer in a bowl and slam an epic shotgun while your dog laps it up

Can My Dog Tell When I’m Drunk?

The short answer is, they definitely know something is wrong with you. You can read more about that here.

Now crack open that cold one with your pooch, and try to stay sober enough to walk them later. They’re still gonna want to.