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Fellas, Remember to Check the Time Stamp on Your Dick Pics Before Sending Them

Thanks to a handy trick on the iPhone, your dick pic recipient can see exactly when that nude was taken

There’s a general understanding that when you send someone a nude, you may not be sending one you took at that precise moment. Many of us have those favorite photos of ourselves where the lighting is just right or we’re looking particularly confident, and it’s fine to share those when you’re sexting with someone instead of what you look like in your current state. That said, there’s a difference between sharing a particularly nice nude from last month and trying to covertly pass off a dick pic taken two years ago as one you just took for the beholder. And yes, there is a way to tell. 

“Fyi if you receive a nude, you can save it to your camera roll and the date the photo was taken will be revealed. Last night my friend got a dick pic from 2020. Fun!” tweeted @isabelhagen_ yesterday. 

She’s right — if you’re using an iPhone, a saved photo will contain the information from when it was first taken. To see that info, you just save the photo to your camera roll and go look at the photo there — it will list the precise date and time of its origin at the top. If you click the little “i” icon for information, you might even be able to see where the picture was taken and on what type of iPhone, depending on the sender’s settings. You can do this with any photo on an iPhone, not just dick pics — all nudes, selfies or photos of flat tires you send to your boss as an excuse for being late to work, for example, are subject to this. 

Now, it’s really not that big of a deal to send a dick pic from 2020. It probably looks mostly the same. Rather than trying to pass off the photo as current, though, you can just admit that you like this specific one, and want the recipient to enjoy it as much as you do. There’s a decent chance they won’t even check the date, though it may become more of a thing now that people are taking note of it online. Ultimately, you might as well just be honest and save yourself the embarrassment or lingering anxiety. 

Or, you can get out of all of this by screenshotting the image you’d like to send, and sending the screenshot instead. As long as you crop out any timestamp details in the screenshot, if someone saved the photo to their camera roll to look at the date, it would just show the time the screenshot was taken. And with that, you can pass off your ancient boner shot as one produced right that very minute. 

However you decide to go about it, remember that unless you use the screenshot tactic, your dick pic data secrets may be revealed. So feel free to recycle your nudes as you please — it’s fine, we all do it — but please don’t get caught trying to pass off yesterday’s pre-pandemic erection for today’s spring boner.