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A Gentleman’s Guide to Cleaning Up Your Nut After Sex

Thou who nuts shalt clean it up

So someone has just blessed you with the opportunity to ejaculate in or on them. Congratulations! What an honor. The climax of the show may be over, but how you proceed next will be a significant determining factor in whether you’ll ever have the opportunity to do it again. Just as with receiving consent and orchestrating how the big finale will occur, coordinating cleanup is essential. 

What’s the best way to go about it, you ask?

Well, first and foremost, you have to get your attitude right. For the next few minutes, you’re now a dutiful servant. You answer to your partner’s every need. More than that, you should be anticipating needs before they occur. These specific needs will vary depending on conditions. Say you finished on a person’s face, for example — they’re now more or less blind and incapacitated. If you finished inside someone, they may well be immobilized, too, not wanting to have it all come dripping out of them (same goes if you came on their ass or stomach — if they move, cum will go everywhere). Really, in almost any scenario, it’s going to be on you to get up and get something to aid in cleanup, and quickly, unless your partner says otherwise. 

Thus, once you and your partner have completed whatever sex acts you’re working through, ask your partner this: “What can I get you?” It’s a good idea to be prepared before sex even happens, grabbing your favorite clean cum towel or a box of tissues ahead of time so you can offer it to them right away. A skilled host will have a few options on hand, whether that be a rag, towel, tissues or even just toilet paper. Lots of people like baby wipes as well. 

That’s not always how things play out, though. Sometimes you don’t anticipate a hookup, and other times, all your cum towels are in the wash. In that case, they may just tell you to grab whatever, but do not literally just grab whatever. I hope this is obvious, but don’t hand them their own clothing to use as a cum rag. Similarly, don’t grab your own dirty clothing, except maybe a T-shirt if you’re really in a pinch. Likewise, don’t grab something that’s already covered in cum. Again, a clean towel or tissue is the best choice. 

If you go the tissue/toilet paper route, be generous in how much product you bring. A single tissue isn’t going to cut it. I’d say you want to bring at least three tissues, and, depending on the size of your nut, at least a forearm’s worth of toilet paper. Ask your partner if they’d like you to wipe up your cum for them, especially if it’s on their face, chest, stomach or ass. If you came inside of them, they may want to manage the cleanup themselves. After wiping up whatever surface cum you might have, they may also want to wash it away with water. Either help guide them to whatever they might need in the bathroom, or offer to bring them a wet washcloth. 

I’ve also previously written about a product called the Dripstick from Awkward Essentials. It’s basically a little sponge on a stick meant to be inserted vaginally to absorb cum. While I didn’t actually test it as intended and instead measured its absorption of skincare products in a bowl, I think the product works really well. For people having condomless sex and cumming in each other, it seems ideal — insert it after sex, and bam, no cleanup necessary. 

That said, if you’re a dude sleeping with someone for the first time, keeping around a product like this implies that you’re regularly raw-dogging people, which — even if you’re routinely tested for sexually transmitted infections — isn’t exactly a good look in many people’s eyes. But I thought I’d mention it here, anyways. 

Overall, the general rule of cum cleanup is that it’s your job, as the cum-producer, to do the cleaning (or to at least position yourself as willing to do whatever it is your partner needs so that they can clean themselves to their comfort). You want to make it as seamless and easy as possible. That way, if you’re lucky, maybe they’ll let you cum on them again.