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A Breeding Kink? In This Economy?

You’d think a fetish for reproduction would bode well in post-Roe America, but breeding kinksters are just as upset about it as anyone else

Welp, the Supreme Court went and canceled creampie summer. With any type of abortion already off the table in some states and fears that emergency contraception like Plan B could be next, many are now unwilling to risk getting pregnant through unprotected sex. So, what are all those folks with breeding kinks supposed to do?

On TikTok, dozens of people with self-professed “breeding kinks” — a sexual desire to either get pregnant or get someone else pregnant — have lamented about the overturning of Roe v. Wade. You’d think these people would be most excited about the repeal, but far from it — for most breeding fetishists, the appeal isn’t about pregnancy, but rather the perceived risk of it. And many are now afraid the lack of abortion and contraceptive access will hamper their fetish by making it far too real. Really, for those in abortion-restrictive states, few kinks have become harder to navigate. 

Even so, the jokes continue. “When you have a breeding kink and the government is kink-shaming you…” @crustyassmom420 wrote on June 27th, pairing their TikTok with a song that says, “You ruined everything, you stupid bitch.” With nearly 130,000 likes, the video certainly struck a chord. “I rather enjoyed being a twinkie, now I have to go back to being a fucking toaster strudel,” one viewer replied. 


breeding kink mfs fighting for their life rn

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Several others have joked that actually, it’s the Supreme Court who has the breeding kink, considering they’re now going to be forcing millions of women to carry unwanted pregnancies. “Not to kink shame but, the Supreme Court’s breeding kink is getting a little out of hand,” one creator said


Breeding k!nk creator against forced birth. We will not stand for this. #roevwade #kinktok #quinktok #sub #womensrights

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Not everyone is using humor to cope, though. @amberislxme made a video the day Roe was overturned, saying that women were being treated like livestock, calling herself a “breeding kink creator against forced birth.” She hasn’t posted since. 

On Reddit, others with breeding kinks are approaching things similarly. “I am terrified, appalled and disgusted,” one woman wrote on r/SubSanctuary, a subreddit for submissives. “I can only foresee more rulings to come for things like birth control and more. This conflicts with my being, especially having a specifically reproductive-related fetish. How do I cope with this overwhelming irrational sense of doom and gloom for all subs and people of the BDSM and LGBTQ+ community?” In response, people suggested a variety of ways to enjoy the kink without (much) risk of pregnancy, like anal, strapons with fake cum and just the good ol’ imagination. Others said they’re considering getting sterilized or vasectomies, despite their kink. 

There are also breeding kink creators who haven’t acknowledged the decision at all. Several on TikTok have just continued on making their horny content about breeding and getting bred as though nothing has happened. Somewhat disturbingly, there are also a few people on Twitter who have said that the news has made their breeding kink even stronger. “This Roe v. Wade stuff [is] making my breeding kink go wild,” someone tweeted back in May when the decision was first leaked. 

All of these reactions really only point to one thing, though: Everyone ought to have the right to make their own decisions about their body. Just as people are free to explore their kinks and express them online, they should be able to manage their own sexual and reproductive health however they see fit. Let breeding kinksters breed on their own terms.