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Billionaire Bootlickers, The Eco Hip-Hop Pioneer and Why Instagram’s New Changes Won’t Stop Insta-Horniness

Here’s a strained metaphor for all y’all thinking about defending billionaires’ whiny response to the wealth tax: Let’s say we’re at a birthday party, and the birthday boy’s mom brings out a huuuuge sheet cake, only she hands 99.99 percent of it over to her son (he “earned” it, natch) and gives you and everyone else a single, solitary crumb. Not only that, but (and this is the really strained part) you need cake to eat, get a quality education and put a roof over your head.

Now, would you be pissed if your dad barged in and took a mere 6 percent of the cake (leaving 93.99 percent left over, still more than enough for the birthday boy) and handed it out to the rest of the starving partygoers? Of course you wouldn’t — cake is delicious.

Eat the rich.

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“The Bootlickers Who Spend Their Days Defending Billionaires Online”
In the U.S., the richest 10 percent of Americans now own more than 70 percent of all the wealth in the country, and that frightening number continues to increase — rapidly. Yet, there are people who not only seem okay with billionaires siphoning away more money than they could ever spend in 10 lifetimes, they actively defend their right to do so. READ MORE

The Eco Hip-Hop Pioneer

Meet Dr. letef Vita, a midwife, high school teacher, organic gardener, chef, and oh yeah, a hip-hop artist and producer who goes by DJ Cavem.

DJ Cavem inhabits a unique corner of the hip-hop world because he doesn’t just rap about street life — he also raps about health and wellness, all through what he’s dubbed eco hip-hop: Vegan beats and environmental rhymes based on green living. Zaron Burnett III caught up with DJ Cavem for an interview about trying to turn the ‘hood green.

Sweaty Start-Ups

In the last 20 years or so, if you’re an entrepreneur looking to strike it rich, most of your focus has been on coming up with the next big idea, and building a business on the internet to market it. But tell that to the subscribers of Reddit’s r/SweatyStartups. For these blue-collar business people, there’s no reason why a pool-cleaning or firewood-delivery “start-up” can’t also be an entrepreneur’s path to wealth.

Gotta Go Gotta Go Right Now

So you slept through your alarm this morning, did ya? The fear creeping in all around you might seem reason enough to throw on yesterday’s outfit and run out the door, but honestly, don’t panic. Slap some water on your face, put on some (clean) pants and do exactly what we tell you.

‘Charlie’s Angels’: Finally Feminist?

Since the premiere of Charlie’s Angels in 1976, critics have derided the material’s sexist depiction of hot babes solving crimes. When the TV show was turned into a pair of movies in the mid-aughts, an attempt was made by the filmmakers to make their heroines appear more than just sex objects, and yet, the critique was brought up again. And now, a reboot starring new Angels Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska is the latest effort to add an element of female empowerment. But does it succeed? Read Tim Grierson’s review of the new Charlie’s Angels, here.

Geek Dad, Jock Son

When you’re a jock dad raising a geek son, things are relatively easy: It only takes a little bit of time, for example, to master the ins-and-outs of Dungeons & Dragons. But when the roles are reversed, things get a bit harder: You try connecting with your kid when he’s dunking over you and you can barely dribble a basketball. Quinn Myers spoke to one such dorky dad about what it’s like to raise a competitive athlete — basically the hardest RPG there is.

All Hail the New ‘High School Musical’ Series

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (great title, btw) has bopped to the top as the premier original show on Disney+. It’s also the best spin-off in a year of reboots.

Can’t Stop the Insta-Horniness

Instagram recently removed the “Following” activity tab for most users, and last week they announced that likes would soon follow. How, then, are we supposed to use the app to snoop on our exes and subtly (or unsubtly) demonstrate our interest in someone’s thirst traps? While it appears that Instagram is trying to make the app less horny, the truth is, Insta-horniness can’t — and won’t — be stopped.

Deep Dive: Adult Summer Camp

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A generation ago, existential loneliness was a hole filled by getting married and having kids. Now, though, untethered millennials longing for a simpler, happier past are headed back to the comfort and relative safety of the rope courses and campfire singalongs of adult summer camp. Over the last few years, adult summer camps have made weekend-long pop-ups across the country, allowing 20, 30 and a handful of 40-somethings the chance to revel in the spontaneous human connections our desk jobs and online-driven lives don't allow for. In September, we shipped @seebriansmith off to one of these adult summer camps, @campnocounselors, for a weekend of bunk beds, wheelbarrow leg races and of course, coolers filled with hard seltzer. Here's how it went.

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