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The Vibrators That Are Meant for Penis Pleasure

It’s not exactly their calling card, but there are a number of vibrators built primarily with dicks in mind. These are the very best of the bunch

Vibrators are best known for working wonders on clits, but there’s absolutely no reason they can’t feel good on dicks, too. After all, those body parts are made of the same types of tissue. And who says folks with vulvas should get all the fun toys?

As a vulva-haver myself, I’ve often taken great joy in introducing my penis-possessing partners to the joys of vibration. It’s fun to see their eyes light up when they realize that entirely new avenues of pleasure have opened up for them.

From a practicality perspective, it’s also nice that many of my own favorite toys work just as well on people whose anatomy is different from mine. Sure makes it easier to pack for sexy vacations!

What to Look for in a Penis Vibrator

Penis-Specific Shape. While you can use vibrators on your dick that are made for other body parts, you’ll get the best results if you choose a toy that’s contoured to wrap around your shaft, so you get stimulated from multiple directions at once.

Multiple Speeds and Settings. Especially if you’ve never tried a vibe on your dick before, it’s wise to look for toys that have many different modes for you to experiment with. Start low and slow, and crank up the power as desired.

Easy to Clean. Obviously, sex and masturbation can get messy. It’s best for penis toys to be designed such that scrubbing semen off them isn’t a chore. Fully waterproof toys are great for this, because you don’t have to worry about ruining your expensive vibrator by accidentally getting water on it.

Partnered Possibilities. If you’re only interested in masturbating with your new toy, this may not matter to you. But incorporating toys into sex with a partner can be a super fun bonding experience, and can bring a lot of additional pleasure to the table. Open-ended vibes — i.e., those where the head of your dick sticks out the end of them — are often easiest to use with another person, because they can use their mouth or other orifices on the top part of your member while the toy stimulates the lower part.

How to Use a Penis Vibrator

Lube, Lube, Lube. Even if you don’t typically use lube when you masturbate with your hands, it’s a good idea to use some with vibrators. Lubrication can make the sensations more comfortable and less jarring, and also allows you to glide the toy up and down freely without friction. Most of the toys on this list are made of silicone, so you’ll want to stick with water-based lubes to avoid damaging the material of your toy.

Start Slow. Vibration is more intense than some other sensations you might be used to, so it can be helpful to ease into it. Get yourself turned on first, by touching yourself with your hands, watching porn or whatever else you wanna do. That way, when you bring vibration into the picture, it won’t feel like a shock. Similarly, if you’re uncircumcised, it might feel better to use the vibrator through your foreskin first, before deciding whether to progress to using it on the exposed head of your dick.

Move It Around. As you may have noticed if you’ve ever used a muscle massager on your tense shoulders, sometimes vibrations can cause a temporary reduction in sensation in the area(s) where they’re applied. For that reason, it often feels best to move a penis vibrator up and down along the length of your shaft. You can linger on places that feel especially good, like the frenulum (see below), particularly as you get closer to orgasm. Of course, as with most sex advice, take this with a grain of salt — you know your body best!

Focus on the Frenulum. While there’s pleasure to be found in all areas of the penis (not to mention the balls and perineum), usually the most sensitive area centers around the frenulum, that little “banjo string” on the underside of your dick where the head meets the shaft. Many penis vibes are specifically engineered to hone in on this spot, and you might find that you enjoy yourself most if you make the frenulum your main focus when playing with vibrators.

Vary the Pressure. Just like when you’re jerking off with your hands, applying more pressure with a vibrator can change the sensation a lot. Pressing harder will stimulate you deeply, while a lighter touch can be more of a tease, grazing along the surface of your skin. Try different amounts of pressure at different times in your arousal process to figure out what works best for you.

Now that your dick’s raring to go, let’s talk about some of the best penis-focused vibes!

Satisfyer Endless Fun

There are about a zillion different ways to use this vibrator, regardless of your anatomy or that of your partner(s); it works well on clits, nipples, balls, and yes, dicks. Its two “arms” can wrap around your shaft like they’re giving it a cozy hug, except with a lot more vibration than hugs usually involve. Each arm contains its own motor that can be controlled separately from the other.

The other end of the toy also has a motor in it, and is safe for anal insertion. So if you decide mid-session that you’re craving some prostate stimulation, this vibe can do that too.

Dame Fin

Those of you who are skeptical about the wonders of penile vibration might prefer to start with a vibe you can work into your existing masturbation routine. The Dame Fin fits effortlessly between two fingers, so you can use your regular stroking motion while enjoying the added vibrations. Make sure to use some water-based lube and reapply as needed to get the smoothest glide.

The Fin also works great on clits, nipples and balls. If there’s an external spot you like to stroke, on your own body or someone else’s, this toy can amp up the pleasure with almost no effort.

Hot Octopuss Jett

Being able to masturbate hands-free is a cool novelty if you’ve never tried it before, and the Hot Octopuss Jett makes it easy. You slip its silicone sleeve over your dick — soft or hard — and the toy’s two bullet vibrators go to work on your frenulum area without you having to do a thing.

Being powered by two AA batteries, this vibe doesn’t have the knock-your-socks-off power of some others on this list. But interestingly, one of the bullets runs at a higher, “treble” frequency while the other has a lower, “bass”-y quality; you can use them individually, or turn them both on at once for surround-sound-esque vibrations.

Lovense Gush

This rechargeable vibrator is designed to wrap around your shaft — especially at the head or the coronal ridge, but really just wherever it feels good to you. You can use it hands-free (Lovense has thoughtfully included a stretchy band that can squeeze the vibe more tightly around you for exactly this purpose), or you can throw some water-based lube on there and stroke it up and down.

The Gush is quiet, waterproof and petite, making it convenient to use in the shower or tub or while traveling. And should you want to have some long-distance fun with a partner, it connects to the Lovense app, through which someone can control the vibrations you’re feeling from anywhere there’s internet access.

Fun Factory Manta

The Fun Factory Manta has a powerful, rumbly motor that stimulates not only the surface of your skin but also the deeper tissues underneath, for a full-bodied sensation. It’s got a ridgey texture inside its flexible silicone “wings” that feels great when well-lubed. You can stroke it up and down your length or just hold it wherever feels best.

This toy works just as well for sex as it does for masturbation: It brings some extra pizzazz to a blow job, for example, whether you’re holding it or your partner is. Plus, it’s waterproof, and has six speeds and six vibration patterns to offer.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux

The Pulse is a vibrator shaped to wrap around your dick, stimulating several inches of the shaft at once. There’s an oscillating “PulsePlate” inside it that lines up with your frenulum for extra-intense stimulation in that area. You can use this toy hands-free, depending on your size, or you can hold it or move it up and down manually.

In addition to six different vibration patterns, the Pulse offers a nifty feature I haven’t seen elsewhere — an included remote control that looks like a wristwatch. Slip it on before you start, and you’ll be able to switch vibration settings as easily as checking the time.

Fun Factory Cobra Libre II

This fancy vibrator sorta looks like a racecar you can stick your dick into, but it’s got the horsepower to back up that aesthetic. The deep vibrations focus on the head of your penis, enveloping it and rumbling against it from all sides. You can move it up and down or thrust into it slightly, but it’s moreso meant to be held in place. With 11 vibration settings to choose from, the intense Cobra Libre II will have you waving the checkered flag before too long…

Le Wand and Loop Attachment

A classic wand vibrator is a good pick for nearly anyone, regardless of anatomy, because its shape is broad and versatile. But there are some wand attachments you can get that are specifically designed for penises, like this Loop attachment from Le Wand.

Slip it onto the head of your wand vibe, pour on some water-based lube and wrap the flexible attachment around your dick wherever it feels good. This channels the vibrations into a tube-like shape that you can use to massage your length or focus in on your frenulum.

Lovense Max 2

This stroker is a modern masturbatory marvel, combining a pleasurable internal texture with vibration and rhythmic squeezing for a totally unique sensation. You can stroke it up and down, but you don’t have to — with my partner, I’ve found that this toy is so stimulating, we can leave it in one spot and it still does the trick just fine.

Like the Lovense Gush above, the Max 2 can be connected to Lovense’s smartphone app for long-distance control. It’s also just easier to change the various settings on an app than it is with the buttons on the toy — especially when the sensations get so intense that you can barely see straight.


I wouldn’t recommend this toy for beginners to the world of penis vibes; that would be like getting an industrial-strength jackhammer when you’re just trying to hang some paintings in your apartment. Indeed, the Slubb is a literal power tool that has been co-opted for pleasure purposes. A rubber strap at one end can be adjusted to fit loosely around your shaft, and you can move it up and down to stimulate your whole length with wildly powerful vibrations.

It’s heavy and loud — I mean, obviously; it’s a power tool — so it’s not the most discreet sex toy you can get, by any means. But if you want very, very strong vibration, whether because you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction or just ‘cause you have a “go big or go home” mentality, you want the Slubb.