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‘Bad to the (Uncircumcised) Bone,’ Debunking LinkedIn’s Elite Status Symbol and Charles Manson the Movie Star

Back in the day (like just a few years ago, really), my grandmother used to get such a kick out of six-year-old me singing along to the George Thorogood classic-rock banger “Bad to the Bone” in my best raspy manly-man voice because, in her eyes, nothing was funnier than her very good girl aping a very bad boy who breaks women’s hearts and convinces them to commit crimes. Of course, if she thought that was funny, she’d probably have a different reaction now that it’s been made super clear that the song is actually a pro-circumcision anthem.

Who’s laughing now, grandma?

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So You Wanna Be a LinkedIn Superstar?

Like the verified blue checkmark on Twitter, having “500+” connections is the status symbol of LinkedIn. It signifies to other, lesser users that you’re a star on the platform, someone well-connected and someone who others should want to know. If you’re lucky enough to reach the 500+ club, it stands to reason that job offers and respect from your peers are soon to follow… right? Yeah, not so much. There’s a lot of bad #hustleporn “advice” floating around LinkedIn, but this one might take the cake.

Boomer Book Club

There are many reasons Boomer dads just can’t get enough of a certain type of history book. You know the books, banal, and uncritical, with either an old-timey hand-drawing of a Founding Father on the cover, or adorned in red, white and blue. But as Bradley Babendir explains, these regurgitated, white-washed narratives of America’s past aren’t doing anyone — especially dear old dad — any good.

CBD, Your Baby and You

Some say CBD is a hoax. Others say CBD is a cure-all. While no one can quite agree on what CBD “is,” its nausea-, inflammation- and anxiety-reducing properties have made it popular among women with particularly uncomfortable pregnancies. Scientists, however, aren’t sure that’s such a smart move.

That Charles Manson Is So Hot Right Now

You hate to see it, but it’s the year of Charles Manson — again — thanks in large part to 2019 marking the 50th anniversary of the infamous Tate-LaBianca murders. And over those 50 years, we’ve repeatedly attempted to immortalize the criminal mastermind on film with varying degrees of success. The irony is, this insistence by Hollywood on reviving him has shaped our understanding of the Manson Family far more than reality ever could.

Sick S.O. Survival Guide

If your live-in partner gets sick with a cold or the flu, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doomed to the same fate just because you live together, share the same air and occasionally swap spit (and more!). Actually, you might want to lay off the make-out sessions, but don’t worry about sleeping at the office to avoid their germs. Andrew Fiouzi explains how you can soothe your phlegm-filled partner and attempt to enjoy their company without becoming an oozing, sneezy mess yourself.

Pop Quiz, Car Guy

So, your lease is up and it’s time to bring Betty the Blue Passat into the dealership from whence she came. But alas! The sands of time have been unkind to the poor girl: A scratch here, a ding there. In what kind of shape does Blue Betty need to be in when you return her, anyways?

A) Not your car, not your problem. Might as well enter her in a demolition derby.

B) It’s all about balance, baby. Treat ol’ Betty to a trip to the body shop if you don’t want to get charged extra, but don’t go overboard on every little dent and scratch.

C) Don’t even fucking breathe around the car unless you want to pay to have the entire thing gutted.

The correct answer is… B! Life happens. Make a quarter-sized mark on the driver’s side door with your aluminum water bottle? No biggie. Scrape up her delicate wheels on a curb? Now that might be an issue. Jeff Gross explains the finer details of keeping your cash when you bring a leased car back to the dealership.