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Fillers Are the New Way to Plump Up the Penis

We shoot our lips, cheeks and butts up with the stuff. But is it safe for the dick, too?

We’ve been using cosmetic fillers for decades to make certain parts of our bodies bigger. Usually, we shoot it into our lips and cheeks, but for some reason, we’ve only recently discovered that we can inject it straight into our dicks, too. Apparently, this is a relatively simple procedure in which liquid fillers like hyaluronic acid — or a person’s own body fat — are carefully shot into the penis, enhancing its girth by a few centimeters or so. 

So, what’s stopping every dude in America from augmenting their dicks with a little Juvederm or tummy pudge?

Edward Zimmerman, a Las Vegas-based cosmetic surgeon known as the @DickDocOnTikTok, has developed such a method of his own. He calls it the “Happenis Procedure,” a technique he developed about a decade ago after a client asked to have some of his own body fat injected into his penis. It turned out to be effective, but as Zimmerman warns, “not everybody has enough fat in order to gain girth.”

“There are pros to using fat because it contains a number of rejuvenative cells that may help with the function of the penis,” he tells me. “For instance, there are more stem cells of various kinds in an ounce of fat than there is in an ounce of bone marrow, by nearly 2,000 times. But not everybody has fat available — hence, fillers.”

What’s convenient about using fillers is that they’re already approved by the FDA for injection — in this case, they’re just being used off-label for girth-enhancement. Requests for hog filler have been growing rapidly over the past few years, with one cosmetic surgeon telling the New York Post he saw a 25 percent increase in requests for the procedure in 2019 alone. 


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The procedure takes about 90 minutes in Zimmerman’s office. Clients are asked to “manscape a little beforehand,” and are then seen in an exam room where their dicks are numbed with topical medication. Once the numbing cream is on the “pickle” (Zimmerman’s favorite TikTok-approved word for penis), it’s filler time. “We have a proprietary manner of getting the material in the shaft so that it doesn’t clump up when the penis is at rest or when the penis is erect, and that’s the art of it,” Zimmerman says. “It’s tough to have an accordion that moves and get everything to lay smooth all the time both ways.” 


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Zimmerman says there’s minimal cleanup after the injections, and that most guys produce only about a drop of blood. Afterwards, special care is required to ensure that the fillers remain evenly distributed while they settle. Sometimes this means taping the penis to the body or wearing compression shorts. 

“We don’t want them to turn into a mushroom, or have a doughnut of material down by the base of the shaft. The rare guy has been able to do both — they come in like a barbell,” Zimmerman says of guys who haven’t let their penis properly heal after the procedure. To avoid this, he recommends guys wait three to four weeks before having sex or masturbating. Of course, it’s safe to pee or become erect; you just can’t apply much pressure during healing.

“In general, we’re dealing with guys that are probably mid-to-late 20s, all the way into the mid-50s as the primary demographic,” Zimmerman continues. “We’re seeing both the guys who are doing it purely for aesthetics and then the guys who are entering that part of their life where they’re starting to have some erectile dysfunction, or maybe they’re in their second relationship and they need an ego boost.”


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The kicker, though, is that the procedure costs between $5,000 and $25,000, depending on how much filler is used. The average cost is around $7,500. Again, it also generally only produces a few centimeters of growth in girth (there are very NSFW pictures on Zimmerman’s website, if you’re curious), though results can last up to a year or longer depending on how quickly the filler is absorbed by the body. 

Still, guys who’ve had it done seem to think it’s worth it. “I love the procedure, I should have done it earlier had I known it was available,” a patient known as “Mr. X” says in a testimonial posted to Zimmerman’s TikTok. “It was painless, quick, and it was more than I thought it would be in every sense — you saw results right away.” Another dick filler recipient told Refinery 29 it improved his sex life, but he couldn’t really tell a difference in sensation (though there have been occasional horror stories as well, mostly involving inexperienced doctors or unregulated injectables). 

Still, if you’ve got several grand to spare and want an artificial boost in girth, it seems safe enough. It’s already pretty normal to augment your facial features with filler or surgically enhance breast and ass size, so it’s really only fair that penis-havers have a way of growing that, too.