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A Review of the New and Very Bad ‘Star Wars,’ Justice for Admiral Ackbar and Chronic Illness Influencers

Dang, Star Wars has been getting trashed. Currently, on Rotten Tomatoes, The Rise of Skywalker is sitting with a beefsteak-splattering 58 percent, and given that the thoroughly awful Last Jedi earned a 91 on the tomatometer, that’s really not good at all.

I’d love to tell you that our very own Tim Grierson was able to rise above the groupthink and point out the film’s silver linings, but he hated it too — though less for how much action bloat J.J. Abrams opted to include, and more for how much that bloat lands like a wet, anticlimactic fart.

So, uh, *pulls at collar* I’ll see you all there on opening night?

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