Rock Bottom

Even After Two Lung Transplants, I’m Still Waiting to Die

‘An ambulance came, I went to the ER, and then I woke up from a coma five months later. It was probably the lowest moment of my life’

I Lost My Job and Got Diagnosed With Testicular Cancer, All Within 48 Hours

‘They did an ultrasound and said, ‘It’s definitely cancer, we’re gonna schedule you for surgery. That testicle’s coming out next Monday.’’

What It’s Like to Slowly Go Blind

‘Your world crashes a little bit when you find out you’re going to slowly lose your vision: From worrying about your career to wondering whether you’ll see your child’

I Was Cyber-Blackmailed Over a Consensual Dick Pic

‘I told her I wasn’t giving her my credit card details. A minute later, she sent me a picture of her sending my nudes to my Dad over Facebook Messenger.’