Neo-Nazi Fight Clubs Are the Far Right’s New Boot Camp

Groups like the Patriot Front have long claimed to be ‘non-violent,’ even though they publish countless videos of their members in brutal physical ‘training’ exercises. In reality, they’re successfully rebranding neo-Nazi ideology as self-improvement while directly promoting violence to protect the white race

Grown Men Living With Their Moms Are Way Too Easy to Radicalize

A popular internet stereotype underlies today’s right-wing extremist threats

An Idaho State Rep Promoted an Anti-Pride Event. Six Weeks Later, 31 Extremists Arrived

In April, Republican Heather Scott and the far-right Panhandle Patriots group blasted a message about their LGBTQ protest — and it’s clear now that agitators all over the country were listening

Even Nicholas Fuentes’ Friends Are Calling Him Out on His Bullshit

Why is the white nationalist losing some of his best men? Blame it on dishonesty, infighting and the burden of working with a volatile man-child of a leader