Is Maca Actually the Sexual Wonder Supplement It’s Rumored to Be?

The ancient Andean root is said to boost boners and supercharge the production of sexual fluids. But are the claims legit?

Is Jolly Rancher Pre-Workout Good for My Muscles or My Sweet Tooth?

And how swole will my sweet tooth be afterwards?

Will Vin Sant Leave You Jacked or Scammed?

Ads starring the ubiquitous ab influencer are everywhere you turn online. But a growing number of fitness experts — and consumers — say that what he has to offer is rather weak.

The Armchair Chemists Using Health Food Supplements to Hack Their Molly Comedowns

The day after taking molly is one of the most depressing days of your life, but some people say the ticket to avoiding the MDMA blues altogether can be found in the vitamin aisle

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