The Hunt for the Route 91 Bandit, the East Coast’s Inexplicably Elusive Bank Robber

He doesn’t wear a mask. He wears a sweatshirt that offers very incriminating details. And yet, despite all the internet sleuths on the case, he continues to have no problems robbing banks throughout New England

The White Woman Who Was the Getaway Driver for the Black Liberation Army’s Infamous Brinks’ Robbery

How did Judith Clark, a 31-year-old white woman, find herself in the middle of a plot to pay for the foundation of a new Black republic in the continental United States?

The Wild Ride of the Ferrari Test Drive Bandit

In 2003, a middle-aged white man walked into a luxury car dealership, conned the sales team into letting him take a Ferrari for a test drive and was never seen again. It was the first of three such cars he stole in an epic crime spree that spanned hundred of miles and defied law enforcement for half a decade

A High-Octane Oral History of the Infamous ‘Fast Five’ Vault Scene

It’s widely regarded as one of the greatest car chases in cinematic history, but it’s also one of the most complicated, dangerous and real scenes in the franchise. This is the story of how a bunch of fearless stunt guys risked it all to pull it off