Surrender Yourself to the Summer Accessory

In a season where not much else than shorts and T-shirts are an option, a simple hat, watch or pair of sunglasses can keep you from feeling like you’re living in a sartorial ‘Groundhog Day’

We’ve Officially Entered Hoochie Daddy Season

Podcaster Ainsley Landry recently went viral on TikTok with her reviews of men in short shorts. Her thirst for 4-inch seams and well-moisturized knees is just what we needed to usher in a new summer vibe

It’s a Nu-Metal Shorts Summer, Baby

Last summer was all about short shorts for men. This year, it’s all about whatever System of a Down was wearing in 1999. Are you down with the sickness?

A Jort Lover’s Guide to Embracing Denim Shorts

It might be moving over to the dark side, but these jort stans promise that’s only because of the deep blue hue often at play and that this literal cut of denim deserves your respect