In Defense of Gus Van Sant’s Totally Derided ‘Psycho’ Remake

The Vince Vaughn-led remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic is a lot better if you view it as more of an experiment than an actual commercial product

‘Donnie Darko’ Shows How Creepy Coming-of-Age Can Be

Released in theaters 20 years ago today, Richard Kelly’s directorial debut holds up as a poignant ode to the uncertainty of youth

How Many Actors Have Made As Many Great Movies As Kristen Stewart in the Last 13 Years?

The ‘Spencer’ star figures she’s only done a handful of really good films in her career. But her track record since ‘Twilight’ stands up to just about anyone else’s during that time

‘Wolf Guy’ Is a Funkadelic ‘Dirty Harry’ with Claws

In this supernatural mystery, Sonny Chiba is a werewolf reporter with martial arts moves

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