How a Master Forger Turned to Murder and Rocked the Mormon Community

The directors of Netflix’s documentary series ‘Murder Among the Mormons’ discuss the unknowability of Mark Hofmann, the allure of crafting fake documents and how a mild-mannered conman could become a killer

Thou Shalt Kill: The Bloody Trail of an Apocalyptic Mormon Couple

Lori Vallow is a Mormon mom and podcast host. Chad Daybell is a gravedigger-turned-doomsday-prophet and self-publishing LDS visionary. They ran off to Hawaii like newlyweds — while police search for her missing kids and investigate the suspicious deaths of their spouses and her brother

My College Girlfriend Thought the ‘Mormon Dick Soak’ Would Preserve Her Virginity

Some call it “soaking.” Others: “parking,” “marinating” or the “Provo Float.” Or my personal favorite: the “dock and talk.” The definition, however, remains the same every time:…