My Korean Immigrant Parents and Their Great American Road Trip

After arriving in the U.S. in the late 1970s, my parents saved up some money and decided to drive across the country. It was one of the most defining experiences during their early years in the States, and I recently asked them to tell me about it.

‘Gangnam Style’ Made the Korean Cultural Invasion Inevitable

In 2012, a Korean rapper named Psy went global for a song satirizing his country’s nouveau-riche wannabes. The world hasn’t been able to get enough of Korean culture ever since

Korea’s ‘Incel President’ Is Far From Alone

South Korea’s new leader, the conservative Yoon Suk-yeol, used his campaign to draw in young men with repeated rebukes of feminism. It’s the endpoint of a Korean misogynist movement that reflects the same conflicts unfolding in America, Europe and elsewhere in Asia

Kogonada Is Totally Fine with Never Finding Truth

Not that he still isn’t trying. ‘After Yang,’ the newest film from the rising auteur, is a poetic dive into A.I., consciousness and the search to feel something real — even if you’re an Asian android with a broken core