‘I’ll Be Missing You’ Let the Whole World Grieve Biggie’s Murder

Did Puff Daddy shamelessly swipe ‘Every Breath You Take’ for his hit ballad? Yes, but the Police song also had a surprising emotional connection for the producer-rapper saying goodbye to his good friend

‘Smack My Bitch Up’ Was 1997’s Most Controversial Song. Then Came the Video

Everyone from NOW to Tori Amos to the Beastie Boys objected to the Prodigy’s infectious dance track that seemed to advocate violence against women. The song may now seem almost quaint, but its provocative video retains its ability to shock

‘Gangnam Style’ Made the Korean Cultural Invasion Inevitable

In 2012, a Korean rapper named Psy went global for a song satirizing his country’s nouveau-riche wannabes. The world hasn’t been able to get enough of Korean culture ever since

When the Cops Tried to Cancel Rage Against the Machine

Terrified and offended by the band’s leftist politics and righteous anger, law enforcement throughout the country did whatever they could to harass and intimidate RATM at every stop along its 1997 ‘Evil Empire’ tour