The Dark Age of Geopolitical Shitposting

From the U.S. to China, Israel to Saudi Arabia, every government has embraced the lowest form of meme warfare

The Man Called ‘The American Taliban,’ 20 Years Later

The director of the documentary ‘Detainee 001’ talks about the legacy of convicted terrorist John Walker Lindh — and how our need for vengeance ended up breaking the American justice system instead

Jimmy Carter Was the Strongest of ’Em All

The Iran hostage crisis and the doomed rescue mission Operation Eagle Claw were the nadir of Carter’s presidency. But in her new documentary ‘Desert One,’ Oscar-winning filmmaker Barbara Kopple argues that he was a tougher leader than history books suggest.

Rambo Has Been Trying to Solve America’s Problems for Nearly 40 Years

The nation constantly faces profound, intractable issues. But don’t worry: With ‘Last Blood,’ Sylvester Stallone’s iconic wish-fulfillment character will once again handle them for us.