Baked Alaska Was Almost on the Right Side of History

This week, Anthime Joseph Gionet lost himself a plea deal for his part in the January 6th insurrection after declaring himself innocent. But there was a time when the alt-right streamer seemed to have real remorse for his wrongdoings

How Fates Diverged for Two Pick-Up Artists Arrested After January 6th

These men wound up at the Capitol for the same reasons, but only one is in for a long prison sentence

The Far-Right Still Has a Rat Problem

Six men are on trial for the plot to kidnap and potentially kill Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Here’s how it all went wrong thanks to a series of snitches — and why the far-right’s rat problem is endemic to the cause

I’m the Sedition Hunter Who Helped the FBI Track Down More Than 130 Insurrectionists

‘Admittedly, I was obsessed for a while. I’d sometimes spend 20 hours a day making profiles of the most violent offenders. But I really felt like the bottom was falling out of the country.’