The Sad Ballad of Guys Who Think Hooters Ain’t What It Used to Be

The first and last time I went to a Hooters restaurant was in eighth grade, during the lunch break on a field trip, when some…

Flat-Chested Joan Rivers Was the Embodiment of Big Tit Energy

Boobs are a mysterious creation, and Rivers’ were no exception. Still, she managed to make them a major part of her act, balancing self-deprecation with vulnerability in a way that screamed ‘big titty’ energy whether she had them or not

Does the Belief That IPAs Give You Boobs Hold Any Weight?

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It Took Just One of Lil’ Kim’s Breasts to Change Fashion

With an assist from Diana Ross, at the 1999 MTV Music Awards, the hip-hop legend transformed the pastie from a cover-all to a sartorial centerpiece