‘Blade II’ Made Vampires Scary Again

With the second ‘Blade’ film, Guillermo Del Toro turned a superhero movie into a horror film about a vampire pandemic

Does Steven Seagal Owe His Entire Career to a Bet?

The truth behind the Hard-to-Kill rumor that Seagal was made into a star so super agent Michael Ovitz could prove just how powerful he was

The Daniel Craig James Bond Movies Were Always About Vesper Lynd

The death of Eva Green’s enigmatic ‘Casino Royale’ character haunted the rest of the series and changed how 007 saw the world. With ‘No Time to Die’ about to come out, it’s time to salute the franchise’s secret MVP

Hey, Venom Has Feelings, Too

‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage’ continues the bromance between Eddie and his symbiote, but the sequel figures out that it’s actually the alien that’s the far more interesting, emotionally nuanced of the two

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