Decades Ago, ‘The Deer Hunter’ Taught Us That ‘God Bless America’ Means Nothing

Today’s pathetic public singalong by House Democrats in the wake of the Supreme Court overturning of Roe v. Wade evoked memories of the 1978 Best Picture-winner, which illustrated the hollowness of patriotic anthems at times of national crisis

In ‘Carrie,’ William Katt Gave the World the Definitive Nice-Guy Prom King

The Southern California actor was just beginning his career when he played Tommy in Brian De Palma’s brilliant adaptation of Stephen King’s novel. But as Katt tells MEL, he couldn’t have been more different than the typical high-school jock

‘The Offer’ Is a Bromance About the Making of ‘The Godfather’

This Paramount+ limited series romanticizes the New Hollywood era while being nostalgic for an age when a bunch of maverick men (and one woman) got to call the shots

How Billy Joel’s ‘Vienna’ Went From a Deep Cut to His Most Popular Song

An encounter with his estranged father inspired this 1977 track that was never a single. Decades later, it’s all over TikTok, thanks in part to its reassuring message and a Jennifer Garner film