The Drunken Promises of ‘The Drinking Man’s Diet’

In the mid-1960s, a father-and-son duo helped the country delude itself into thinking that if everyone drank like Don Draper — but really cut back on bread — they’d lose all the weight they ever wanted

Is ‘Making Whoopee’ the Dumbest Euphemism for Sex Ever?

Popularized on the hit television show ‘The Newlywed Game,’ the childish phrase has become a deeply ingrained part of our lexicon. How did we let such a stupid piece of language live on?

Oliver Stone’s ‘The Doors’ Is an Ode to Rock ‘n’ Roll Ridiculousness

The mesmerizing, visionary, deeply silly biopic, now on Hulu, turns Jim Morrison into a mythic figure — and recalls a bygone era when rock stars were the center of the universe

Sidney Poitier Was Also ‘Not Your Negro’

The legendary actor just passed away at age 94, leaving behind an iconic body of work as an actor, director and producer — but his greatest legacy was how he lived on his own terms, without any shortage of grace or dignity