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YouTube’s Most Famous Missing Person, Gross Vaginas and the Rebranding of the Satanic Temple

The Best of MEL from the Week That Was

Whew, what a week. How about Kanye West, everybody? What a jackass. It wasn’t all bad, though — just ask Baker Mayfield.

Our week wasn’t too shabby either. We kicked things off with guys and their “Chad folders.” 420 got us thinking about the joy of memes that are only good once a year. The rumors that Netflix might get into the theater business sounds pretty great; can we bring our hangovers and stay for eight hours? Meanwhile, don’t sleep on “dirty dumping” and other NSFW words and phrases that mean something completely different to bartenders everywhere.

But as much as we loved those pieces, they weren’t our most popular stories this week. Nope, those are below…

The Mystery of the Most Famous Missing Person on YouTube

Twenty-eight-year-old Lars Mittank arrived for his flight back home to Germany from Bulgaria like any other traveler. Then CCTV recorded him running out of the airport, seemingly terrified. To add to the mystery, he’s never been seen again — even though thousands of YouTubers and Redditors have attempted to crack his case. READ MORE

How the Neckbeard Went from Harmless Nerd to Toxic Troll

Since it first appeared in 2003, “neckbeard” has become shorthand for the prototypical online geek: Male, of course, but also greasy and unkempt, since most of his interactions are virtual. But recently, the term has gained far more attention for representing toxic gender politics than for its use as aesthetic commentary. READ MORE

Why Some Women Are Grossed Out by Their Own Vaginas

Between vajazzling, jade eggs and steam treatments, you might come away thinking women are proudly and shamelessly obsessed with their vaginas. But as MEL staffer Tracy Moore writes, there are just as many women who find their vaginas totally gross, don’t want to talk about them, or think about them, and would prefer you didn’t either. READ MORE

Deal With Coworkers Who Really Annoy You By Asking One Simple Question

Despising your most vile coworker isn’t only easier than trying to understand them, it’s also way more fun — especially if you can find a friend to join you. Unfortunately, what’s fun isn’t always what’s right. And so, we must all try to work with the lesser humans among us, and the only way to do that is by building empathy. READ MORE

Peanut Butter Is Steroids for Apples

What is it about peanut butter (crunchy, obvi) and apples that compliment each other so perfectly? It’s all in the interplay between sweet and salty. And that, it turns out, is because of how our tongues seem to go into overdrive wherever the twain shall meet. READ MORE

A Co-Founder of the Satanic Temple on Rebranding Satan in the 21st Century

Ask Satanic Temple co-founder and spokesman, Lucien Greaves, and he’ll tell you: Being a Satanist isn’t about promoting evil or the occult, and it isn’t a joke or a troll-job, either. Try, though, explaining that to mom. Greaves then knows he’s got his work cut out for him, but in his words, “Each time we’ve been vindicated, it shows we’re in this for real.” READ MORE

This ‘Human Ken Doll’ Does It for the Art

In her MEL debut, contributing writer Laura Yan profiles Justin Jedlica, whose obsession with plastic surgery has led the media to label him the “Human Ken Doll.” But don’t chalk up Jedlica’s body modification to a desire to be Barbie’s boyfriend — he modifies his body as a form of self-expression. READ MORE

Stop Snitching On Your Neighbor’s Sex Parties

A report out of the upscale Denver neighborhood of Castle Rock took Twitter by storm this week after it was revealed that residents lodged official complaints against a local man who routinely hosts group sex parties in his private home. WTF, people? Can’t a guy get his freak on without a bunch of narcs spoiling all his fun? READ MORE

It’s A Toxic Myth That Celibacy Makes Men Violent

In the days since Alek Minnasian drove a truck down a crowded sidewalk killing 10 people, much has been made about “incels” (involuntary celibate) and their toxic and violent brand of masculinity, as if it’s a new thing. But as Tracy Moore argues, early writings on celibacy killing men or making them violent go as far back to 1123 A.D. READ MORE

A Gentleman’s Guide to STI Testing

When was the last time you got tested? If you’re a straight dude, there’s decent odds the answer is “never.” Which, as MEL columnist merritt k puts it, is “wack as hell.” If you fall into this camp, or you’re starting to feel a little guilty because you haven’t been tested since Obama was president, here’s how to change all of that. READ MORE