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Is Yanet Garcia, the ‘World’s Sexiest Weather Girl,’ a Good Meteorologist?

Curious whether the weather-girl-turned-OnlyFans-model was any better at predicting the highs and lows than your average news station meteorologist, I cross-checked her forecasts with an almanac

You’d be hard-pressed to find a weather girl more famous than Yanet Garcia. Or, according to Google, more desirable. The 31-year-old Mexican meteorologist has been dubbed the “world’s sexiest weather girl” by global tabloids, and, in the six years since Playboy declared that she “makes every forecast worth watching,” Garcia has amassed an eye-watering 14.6 million followers on Instagram. As well as raising the temperature while predicting it, she’s dabbled in acting, hosting, fitness and health coaching and OnlyFans modeling (all of which might explain her $3 million net worth).

Although she’s no longer a weather girl for the Mexican TV station Televisa Monterrey, Garcia is still renowned for her reporting — particularly for how, er, chic she looked while doing it. “Nobody can turn left like Yanet Garcia,” one commenter wrote on a recent Instagram post of hers. Others — namely the Australian YouTuber Ozzy Man Reviews — said they love how comfortable she makes them feel in her presence. “Even if I did know Spanish, and she told me that a freak tidal wave approaches, I’d be like, ‘So what? I’ll live. It’s no worries,’” he once narrated over a montage of Garcia’s reports. Of course, some find her beauty distracting. “Must. Concentrate. On. The degrees,” said one TikToker. 

But while it’s undeniable that she looks good reading the weather, I’m still left with a burning question: How good of a meteorologist is she, anyway? First of all, she almost definitely didn’t do any of the forecasting herself. Despite The Mirror calling her a “trained meteorologist,” it seems she was hired as a presenter, rather than weather expert. In fact, she almost passed up the job because she’d “never done it” and “didn’t know if [she] could.” Nevertheless, no matter who’s doing the weather, we already know that forecasters aren’t always right, primarily because, as ABC Australia previously reported, “it’s really hard to get pinpoint accuracy and always will be.”

With no conversations about the accuracy of her predictions online (surely that’s all people are thinking about?), I’ve been left to my own devices to analyze Garcia’s talent as a weather forecaster. In the most recent video shared to her YouTube, dated March 20, 2018, she predicted a sunny day with highs of 27 degrees Celsius, lows of 11 degrees, with an actual temperature of 16 degrees in Mexico City. According to, it was indeed sunny all day on March 20, 2018 in Mexico City, while the lowest temperature was 14 degrees, and the highest was 27 degrees — pretty accurate! 

In another video, dated December 3, 2015, Garcia tells viewers that it’s going to be a sunny day in Mexico City, with some passing clouds, a high of 17 degrees and a low of 11. Back to for a quick fact-check, and it seems Garcia was a little modest in her predictions. Mexico City saw highs of 20 degrees that day, with — in fairness to Garcia — lows of 10 degrees. However, it was, as she predicted, a sunny but cloudy day.

To get a more exhaustive picture of her work, I even scrolled to the end of her YouTube channel to find her very first uploaded prediction, dated November 29, 2014. On this day, she predicted a sunny day with highs of 27 degrees (nice for November!) and lows of 14 degrees. Knock, knock… Well, it looks like Garcia has improved over the years, as the actual low in Mexico City that day was just six degrees — eight whole degrees below her prediction — and the high was a measly 22 degrees. It was also a little cloudy, which fits with her forecast for later in the week, but not on November 29, 2014. Maybe she’s like most weather forecasters, then — enthusiastic, but kinda wrong. 

Sadly for her fans, there haven’t been any new weather reports from Garcia since 2019, when she allegedly left her job to move to the U.S. with her now-ex boyfriend, entrepreneur and writer Lewis Howes. The pair split up in mid-2021, and Garcia is now pursuing a career as a certified personal trainer. (Before she dated Howes, Garcia was in a relationship with professional gamer Douglas Martin, aka FaZe Censor, who broke up with her to focus on playing Call of Duty.) 

Still, her legacy lives on with a series of up-and-coming sexy weather girls, like Garcia’s successor Aleira Avendano, dubbed “Latin Barbie,” as well as Televisa Monterrey’s latest star, Gaby Lozoya. Looks like the forecast for the foreseeable future will be very, very hot.