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Summer’s Back, and So Is Men’s Undying Love for Sundresses

A sundress is technically just a flowy, lightweight garment meant to be worn in the summertime, but that banal fact hasn’t stopped men from going absolutely batshit for them

The sundress seems to occupy a very specific arena of the male mind. I’d bet they’re one of the few women’s clothing items the average guy could name off the top of their head, and the internet is filled with tales of jubilant men just absolutely melting in their presence. The appeal is obvious: They’re usually loose, flowy and pretty, the closest one can get to the feeling of nudity without being that revealing at all. But something about them sets men into two camps — those who don’t care, and those who are absolutely rabid for them. 

Yesterday, I asked my male Twitter followers for their thoughts on sundresses. The responses were surprisingly passionate. “A woman in a sundress is quite literally one of the sexiest things in the world,” one remarked. “Just reading this question triggered a lengthy Proustian reverie, so let’s just go with ‘strongly in favor,’” said another. Breathless comparisons were made, such as sundresses being akin to “that feeling you get when you’re scared of the dark but then turn the lights on.” A third respondent linked to a TikTok of a man saying that asking why men like sundresses is like asking why someone would love to randomly receive $1,000, or what feels so good about having a sip of water after a day in the sun. 

In the simplest sense, many men seem to like sundresses for the same reason many women like wearing them: They’re cute, they kiss the skin and they’re generally feminine. More than that, though, there’s a noticeable confidence to a woman in a sundress. She’s comfortable, she knows she looks good and it shows. “I love that [my] fiancée loves them and is always excited to wear one,” one guy sweetly told me. “I love the way she carries herself in a sundress. I should find one with pockets for myself.” Similarly, another guy noted that women seem “less stressed” when wearing a sundress. 

Naturally, there’s an erotic element to it, too. Adult content creator Don Populator explains that he likes sundresses because they “flatter curves, usually cling in all the right places, and for the perpetually horny, they offer easier access.” Similarly, someone else directed me toward the subreddit r/SundressesGoneWild, where photos of women in sundresses (often without underwear) are shared among over 250,000 subscribers. Basically, some people like sundresses because they’re convenient to fuck in. 

Nobody responded that they actively disliked sundresses, though there were a few who said they felt indifferent toward them. But again, they were outnumbered several times over by those who are fanatical toward the flowy outfits. And with their popularity among women, it’s likely that sundresses will continue to be a powerful article of clothing for many more summers to come. 

Really, with the knowledge that you look incredible, why wear anything else?