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Exactly How Many ‘Gone Wild’ Subreddits Are There Now?

Following the explosive popularity of Reddit’s NSFW hotbed r/Gonewild, it seems everyone is ‘going wild’ these days. But just how much of Reddit is truly dedicated to the Gone Wild canon?

There’s room on the internet for everyone to be horny. In fact, there’s even room for everyone on the internet to be the object of horniness. No matter who you are, what you look like or what you do for a living, there’s a subreddit geared specifically toward you or your desires. It just takes finding the right “Gone Wild”-themed subreddit for you. 

Over the last several years, the original r/GoneWild subreddit, a broad community devoted to self-posted amateur nudes, has expanded outward into various niches and factions. There’s a group for couples, a group for people from Wisconsin, a group for nurses, a group for dads, a group for pandas — the list goes on. 

But how long is that list, exactly? Just how many Gone Wild-flavored subreddits are there? I attempted to find out. 

With 3.6 million members, r/GoneWild is the most popular NSFW subreddit by several hundred thousand. Two other “Gone Wild” themed subreddits, r/AsiansGoneWild and r/PetiteGoneWild, have over a million members, too. The rest are split off into a seemingly endless variety of smaller groups. 

To attempt to put a number to the Gone Wild universe, I scoured through the website SubredditStats, which makes it much easier to hunt through Reddit’s seemingly endless subreddit selection than Reddit itself. By organizing my search by subscriber count and filtering only through NSFW subreddits, I was able to access a list of the top 5,050 subreddits. This ranges from r/GoneWild at the top with the aforementioned 3.6 million members, to r/AsiansFlashing, which has 11,562. 

Among these 5,050 subreddits, 360 of them included the name “GoneWild” in the title. Another 162 utilize “GW” as an abbreviation. So, by those standards, there are currently 522 Gone Wild subreddits above 11,562 members. 

Of course, there could potentially be hundreds of other Gone Wild subreddits with fewer members, but unfortunately, SubredditStats wouldn’t allow me to factor in pages with lower subscriber counts. Complicating things further, there are also tons of subreddits that adhere to the Gone Wild theme — i.e., amateur nudes — that don’t utilize the Gone Wild terminology. For example, 102 subreddits of those I searched through included the word “amateur” in the title. Nevertheless, at 10 percent of the top 5,050 NSFW subreddits, “Gone Wild” represents a rather significant chunk of Reddit’s smut. 

Those 522 subreddits I found truly represent an incredible swath of the global population. What a gorgeous quilt of cultural and sexual diversity one could create by tying them all together. At the lower end of the subscriber count were such groups as r/GuysPeeGoneWild, r/ArtBonersGoneWild, r/CalgaryGoneWildAgain, r/VikingsGoneWild. Genuinely, I can’t imagine someone not finding a group that suited them. And even if you couldn’t, that would only signal that it’s time to make a Gone Wild subreddit yourself and grow the number to 523.