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When Guys Gotta Fight for Her Rights, Groupon Dick and the Art of Sharing Food in a Relationship

I would 100 percent know you were lying if you said you’ve never felt a tinge of resentment when a friend or significant other takes a peek at your plate and says, “Can I take a bite?”

Sharing your hard-earned food (well, you ordered it, didn’t you?) is a gut-punch direct to hypothalamus. I’m sorry you opted for a plate of roasted carrots — does that really entitle you to half my cheeseburger?

Sure, you could read what the experts say about the virtues of sharing. But in my mind, the only true and equitable solution is a frank discussion about the potential share situation before the menus come out, coupled with strategic ordering of crowd-pleasing dishes.

Because if you order a side salad and then come hunting for my fries, we’re gonna have an issue.

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Mine… My Own… My Precious…

Being in a relationship is the pits. Because inevitably it means that you will, at some point, be faced with breaking their hungry little heart or sharing your delicious food.

That, my friends, is the very definition of a dilemma.

What you might not realize, however, is that learning how to share food is a good way to keep the peace. In fact, studies show that sharing food with a good friend or a romantic partner might actually strengthen that relationship.