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What Happens When Your Wife (Or Girlfriend) Asks You to Get Circumcised?

‘Worst experience I’ve ever had, would not recommend it to anyone.’

Getting circumcised may very well be the opposite of fun—especially when you’re an adult with a full-grown dick—but apparently, some women prefer their men to be snipped (and are pretty damn insistent about it). Appropriately-named redditor should-I-Snip recently asked the Reddit community whether he should undergo the op in order to satisfy his wife, who he says currently calls his uncircumcised dong an “anteater penis.” She has also apparently refused to perform oral sex until he gets it taken care of.

Now, if your spouse is basically holding your marriage hostage to make you get unnecessary cosmetic surgery on your genitals, it’s fair to say there may be some other underlying problems in the relationship. But still, I couldn’t help but delve into the responding comments in this thread (and elsewhere on the internet), advising should-I-Snip and others on whether he should—or absolutely shouldn’t—undergo the procedure (sic, obviously, throughout).

This Person Says It’s Too Painful

I got it done when I was 17,” says commenter CaptainJamie. “I had tight foreskin, and the doctor told me there was no other option. Worst experience I’ve ever had, would not recommend it to anyone.”

“About a week after the circumcision, I woke up during the night and the stitches had come loose, causing blood loss,” CaptainJamie continues. “My mom drove me to the hospital, and without anaesthetic, started stitching it back up while I squeezed a nurses hand. They used some sort of sponge to wash the head with liquid before they started, which was the most sensitive, uncomfortable feeling I’ve ever had. I nearly passed out. The head of my penis had never felt air before, so it was super sensitive for a while after the procedure.”

This Person Says It Would Ruin Their Dick

“A study actually says that circumcision removes 20,000 nerve endings from the penis,” says commenter Jack I on TalkAboutMarriage. “It’s widely reported that uncircumcised men have more sensitivity. I’m upset and confused. I don’t want to get circumcised.”

This Person Says It Would Save Their Sex Life

“I wanted my husband to get circumcised, because his foreskin doesn’t stretch over the head of his penis,” says commenter Blanca on the same site. “Since the tip of his penis never comes out, he doesn’t feel much during sex, and therefore, he didn’t really get into sex. We can’t have sex without him using a condom, because it hurts him when the foreskin stretches. He didn’t tell me that it hurt him for a long time, and he just avoided sex. Unfortunately, both of us were naive to the fact that the foreskin is supposed to stretch over the head, so I thought this was normal for uncircumcised guys. We only recently discovered that this isn’t normal. His foreskin issues made sex really unpleasant for us both, which is why I wanted him to get circumcised.”

“Other than that, I find circumcised men more visually appealing,” Blanca continues. “The thought of giving a BJ to an uncircumcised guy is much less appealing. But I wouldn’t ask my husband to get circumcised just for that.”

This Person Says It’s Not So Bad

“I got circumcised at 16 years old, and I thought it would be incredibly painful, but it wasn’t as painful as thought,” explains GirlsAskGuys commenter EarthToKepler. “You get your foreskin cut off, and your head is exposed. The only time it hurts is when it rubs against your clothes, but thats like a 6.5 out of 10. But when you’re laying down, it just feels tight, like a tiny hair is wrapped around it.”

“Get it done, bro,” EarthToKepler continues. “Trust me. It won’t be painful unless it rubs against your clothes. After a week or two, after your head is exposed, get a bath (not a shower). I’ve never felt anything like it in my life, but fuck me, the pressure of the water on the head feels pathetically amazing. Good luck, bro!”

This Person Also Says Its Not So Bad

“Yeah, I had it done,” says fellow GirlsAskGuys commenter kheserthorpe. “I was off for a week. It’s probably possible to go back sooner, but I booked a week off. The first day is painful. After that, it’s not bad, apart from getting erections in the night.”

“I like it. I’m glad I did it,” kheserthorpe continues. “Cost is something to worry about. Adult circumcision isn’t that cheap.” (The procedure costs anywhere between $800 and $3,000.)

This Person Says That Others Prefer Clipped Dongs

“I suggested circumcision to my husband the first time I noticed his foreskin,” says commenter Kate on ChoosingCircumcision. “It took two years, and he finally did it. I told him how much better it would look circumcised, and he would get blowjobs, too. I brought it up every chance I could, and had some of my friends talk to him about it. Ladies, if you want your man to get circumcised, my advice is to bring it up every time you see his penis.”

This Person Says People Are Better Off Without Foreskin

“I experienced lots of pressure from partners to get circumcised,” writes commenter Austin in the same thread. “Perhaps it’s because the vast majority of men my age are circumcised. Before my circumcision, I had some partners make grimacing faces when they saw that I was with a foreskin. One partner would insist on pulling the foreskin all the way back, and holding it tightly with her hand before she would orally pleasure me. Most were polite, but I could tell they weren’t impressed with my foreskin.”

This Person Says They ‘Worship’ Uncircumcised Richards

“My husband was uncut when we started to date, and after we got married, I brought it up again, as before he didn’t want it done,” says commenter Jane, also on ChoosingCircumcision. “I explained to him the issue I had, just like guys complain about us all the time (lol). I said that I would worship him even more if he had it cut for his wife. I think, if the wife wants it, the husband should go get it done and please his wife’s request.”

“On another note, I know of four other women who asked for their husbands to be cut, and they all ended up getting done,” Jane says.

This Person Says It All Depends

“It’s up to you, but I would say don’t do it if you’re not comfortable with it, since it’s not something you can get back (well, you can but, it’s always expensive),” says an anonymous internet commenter back on GirlsAskGuys. “I would also suggest that you take a good look at your woman and see if you really want to be with someone who wants you to get a surgery for her sole benefit.”

If, after all that, you’re still considering getting clipped for the sake of your partneror for any other reasoncheck out our guide to circumcision first. It’s a snip!