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Get It While It’s Hot: The $39 Flat Bench That Can Work Way More Than Just Your Chest

It provides endless versatility for about the half of its usual retail price

If you’re looking for a stable, versatile platform that can be used to train every muscle in your body, the tried-and-true advantages of the Weider Traditional Flat Bench are available today for only $39, or about half of what it normally costs.

It’s easy to think of a flat weight bench as just a tool for chest and back training, but doing so ignores many of its other practical, total-body applications. For example, for glute training, the bench can be used as a way to elevate your upper body or your feet to vary the angle of hip thrusters. Meanwhile, to alter your push-ups to target both the upper and lower pectorals, you can hoist your hands or feet on the bench. A flat bench also provides a sturdy base for side planks, reverse planks, step-ups, bench squats and Bulgarian split squats.

All of which is to say, this flat bench from Weider is anything but one dimensional, and it now comes with the added dimension of being super cheap, too.