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Want to Be Hornier? Maybe You Need That Good (Vitamin) D

There are tons of reasons why you should be taking a vitamin D supplement, and yes, horniness is indeed one of them

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to depression, diabetes, heart disease and cancer, and is increasingly becoming associated with higher risk of COVID-19 complications. The possibility that vitamin D could potentially work as a preventative against these issues is incredible. Great news. Genuinely, love to hear it. 

But we should all be aware of another helpful use of vitamin D: making people horny

There are numerous studies that have found that increasing one’s dosage of vitamin D, either through the sun, via food or in vitamin form, improved sexual desire and satisfaction in men and women regardless of deficiency, as well as increased testosterone levels in men. 

Hell yeah, brother. 

For men in particular, vitamin D deficiency is linked to sexual health issues, including erectile dysfunction. In one study published in 2018 in the International Journal of Endocrinology, data regarding the vitamin D levels and erectile function of 114 men were analyzed, with around half of the men later undergoing vitamin D therapy. Among the entire group, researchers found a correlation between higher vitamin D levels and higher testosterone, as well as better erectile function. Among the secondary group who were given vitamin D supplements over a multi-month period, testosterone levels further increased and erectile function improved. 

In another 2018 study from Polish academic journal Endokrynologia Polska, a group of 47 women were given an oral vitamin D supplement. Some of the women were deficient in vitamin D, while others already had normal vitamin D levels. Both groups, however, reported higher levels of sexual satisfaction, desire and orgasms. The women who already had healthy vitamin D levels but still underwent supplementation reported the highest rates of these three factors. 

In both studies, it’s not entirely clear why vitamin D has these effects. It’s thought that for men, vitamin D might simply help boost testosterone production. Because vitamin D helps with so many others aspects of health, it’s also possible that one’s sex drive improves as a side effect to an overall improvement in health. 

Vitamin D also helps increase serotonin, the happiness chemical. Basically, serotonin makes you happy, and happy people fuck. Sunlight specifically helps boost serotonin, as well. This is partially why people often report being hornier in the summer

A few minutes of direct sunlight a day is probably your best source of the health and horny boosting effects of vitamin D, but considering the damage the sun can do and the fact that winter is coming, a vitamin D supplement will work fine here, too. It’s actually one of the few supplements that absorbs well in pill form, and even someone who does get plenty of sunlight or eats tons of vitamin D-rich foods like salmon can safely take a vitamin D pill without it becoming toxic. 

Considering all the other ways vitamin D can improve your health and the possibility that being vitamin D deficient can increase your risk of catching COVID-19, it seems like a no brainer to watch your vitamin D intake. But if none of that compels you, hopefully the idea of being hornier will.