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The Couple Having Sex in Plain Sight on TikTok

In a series of viral TikToks, a woman reads a book while ostensibly getting smashed by her off-screen boyfriend. Are they actually having sex, or is this just the greatest marketing tactic of all-time?

TikTok is rather prudish. It prohibits sex and nudity, and it doesn’t allow users to even mention having an OnlyFans, let alone link out to one. Nevertheless, countless creators like BubbleBratz, SexyMILFMary and Allie Luna have managed to pivot viral success on TikTok into significant OnlyFans followings. Mainly, they do this through the power of creative suggestion, and by implying sex without ever showing it at all. SexyMILFMary has a particularly brilliant scheme — to attract followers, she straddles barrels, measures wood and does other miscellaneous yard work in skimpy tank tops, which reveal her sizable, comment-worthy cleavage. 

Just last week, another TikToker went viral for a similar reason, though no such cleavage was involved. Instead, all she did was read: 

In a series of TikTok live-streams that have since been screenshotted and shared across social media, a woman who goes by “Tink” can be seen reading a book aloud to her audience while laying on her stomach on a bed. We can only see her from the torso up, but there seems to be a great deal of movement occurring behind her while she reads. Her entire body appears to be gently bouncing, and if you listen carefully, you can hear vague clapping sounds. 

It’s easy to see what’s really going on: Tink is getting railed while she reads. But… why?

Ostensibly, it’s to promote an OnlyFans. Tink shares an account with her husband, who goes by King. Their account, @TinkandKing, primarily features Tink in a variety of sexy scenarios, twerking for the camera or bent over looking into the fridge. And while they’ve only had their account for a little over a month, they’ve managed to amass 232,000 followers. The book-reading stunt seems to be the main driver of this growth. 

If you search “book” on TikTok, the top three results all pertain to the phrase “reading a book on live while getting smashed.” Of the videos that appear with these searches, several are the aforementioned screen recordings of Tink and King. But the most popular videos are simply the ones that reference them. A compilation of several reaction GIFs with the caption “sis is getting CLAPPED on live while reading a book??!?!” has more than 2.5 million views, and dozens of other people have recorded their own shocked reactions to the videos as well. 

Basically, Tink and King have spawned their own TikTok meme genre, and so far, there have yet to be any major copycats. 


i actually wanted the name of the book it was interesting #fyp

♬ why did so many people use this – BBCRREED

Admittedly, the idea of reading a book while being pleasured isn’t totally new. Most famously, the online series “Hysterical Literature” featured porn stars like Stoya reading aloud while a vibrator is deployed off screen. There are hundreds of videos on Pornhub of other women reading while masturbating or having sex, too. Usually, though, these videos feature someone attempting to pay attention to their book despite the circumstances. But in @tinkandking’s videos, Tink doesn’t seem to acknowledge what’s happening at all. Instead, her reading is calm and level. This only adds to the absurdity of the stunt — it’s almost subtle enough that you can still be confused by what you’re witnessing. 

Per the couple’s OnlyFans bio, this is all part of their style: “MODEST & RESERVED REAL NEIGHBOR COUPLE,” it reads. The actual content they post suggests otherwise, however. The couple posts tons of nudes of Tink and sex tapes of the two of them together. Notably, they call their account “all-inclusive,” sharing all of their content on their main page rather than doing pay-per-view offerings (for $7.50 per month). They’re also adamant they don’t offer “professional porn,” but it’s porn, nonetheless. 

So while their TikToks might be staged, what they’re promoting isn’t. And if the experiences of other TikTokers on OnlyFans is any indication, the virality of Tink being pounded while reading has undoubtedly translated into new subscribers for the couple. Like SexyMILFMary, TinkandKing have managed to sell sex on TikTok without ever showing the real thing.