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Primal Kink TikTok Wants You to Have Feral Sex

If getting chased through the woods like a frightened animal sounds hot, primal kink might be for you

Many of us already blend sex and fear together, finding thrills in being choked or tied up in flagrante delicto. But for some, these twin desires manifest at an even more basic level — a la those on TikTok who share their fantasies of playing predator and prey and whose “primal kink” is their means of exploring sex and fear at their most animalistic levels.

On hashtags like #primal, #growl and #wolf (all of which obviously also contain non-kink content) members of the “Kinktok” community share their best angry animal noises, discuss their desire to chase prey (or be prey) and cite Beauty and the Beast as their favorite childhood movie. In a video that defines the kink, @primalpagan says that “primal is kind of a very animalistic side of kink, though unlike pet-play you are not roleplaying as any specific animal.”


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She goes on to explain that “animalistic” behavior can include biting, growling, scratching and wrestling. “Usually, it’s broken down into a predator/prey or hunter/prey type of situation. … I enjoy the chase. When I’m caught, I don’t want to win, but I’m not going to make it easy on you.”

Considering TikTok’s strict rules about adult content, much of what is shared relating to primal kink is relatively tame. Nevertheless, that doesn’t seem to stop people from getting horny. In one video, “Found You” (the title of which is adorned with a wolf emoji — naturally), @thewolfborne enters a hazy red-tinged room and crouches down to the floor. Predictably, he growls before revealing his ornamented hand. Upon each finger is a metal-claw-type ring. “Just what exactly do you think you’re doing?” he asks the camera.


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If the comments are any indication, he seems to have found his desired audience. “Was it just me or did anyone else get a big grin on their face watching this?” one viewer responded. “I went into sub mode a little too quick,” wrote another. (While certainly not universally true, the primal kink community on TikTok is predominately classified into male primal doms and female primal subs.) Similar videos exclusively containing the sounds of a man growling yielded nearly identical reactions.

Meanwhile, sounds like “Primal Test Blind React,” which is currently used in 3,324 videos, are designed to introduce people to primal growling for the first time to see if they become aroused by it. Despite the voice on the clip sounding like Stitch from Lilo & Stitch, the overall consensus seems to be that most people do indeed find it to be a turn-on.


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♬ Primal Test Blind React – Caretaker

As with any other type of kink, it must be noted that primal kink only works when it’s performed with clarity and consent. “Always talk to your partner about it first, and make sure everyone is aware and consenting and on-board with what’s going on,” @primalpagan instructs in her TikTok. “Practice your growl and kink safely.”

Otherwise, go forth and find your wolf in sheep’s clothing — or in this case, wolf in wolf’s clothing.