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The Rules for Sex, According to the Red-Pill Community

Want to know how to get a man and keep him? Easy: Just be a lady in the streets and a red pill woman in the sheets. Such is the principle behind the Red Pill Women forum on Reddit, the one-stop shop for women who believe feminist gains have knocked the universe’s natural order off-balance and are determined to restore it, one old-fashioned relationship at a time.

But in a world of swipey sex, loose women and eroded gender roles, how can a red-pill gal get a man to buy the milk so many cows are giving away for free? By perfecting her sexual strategy based on 1950s gender roles, combining maximum deference and sexual availability, of course!

Trouble is, there’s a fine line between appearing sexually willing and enthusiastic without seeming like a slut. According to red-pill men, there are some tip-offs that she’s promiscuous: a tramp stamp, laughing loudly, not objecting to unprotected sex early on, or being good at sucking dick. That’s why when you comb the red-pill women forum for sex talk, discussions of sex for female pleasure are conspicuously absent. Instead, they offer advice about how long to wait to give it up; how to convey that you love sex but not too much, and then, after teasing it out for long enough to lock a guy into a long-term relationship; how to keep sex interesting and exciting for him, so that he won’t tire of you. (That mostly consists of never saying no and not lying there like a dead carp when he fucks you.)

Taken together, the advice is a primer on being extremely sexually available but with zero personal agency. Clearly, that’s no easy row to hoe.

We combed the rules and tried to get a handle on the basics, so you don’t have to. The highlights:

Sex between men and women is a landlord-tenant relationship.

“Women own sex, and men own commitment,” they write in a post on sex and power. As a result, “Women give up sex in exchange for resources and protection and men give up resources and protection in exchange for sex.” While this might sound like women are simply engaging in a transactional business exchange when they give up tail for an apartment, that’s not the case, they insist. Sure, sex is like urination to a man, they write — when he’s gotta go, he’s gotta go, and he’ll go with anyone who isn’t a total dog. But women actually need sex more than men, they continue, pointing to seduction and foreplay as examples.

For this reason, a woman is motivated to be a “sexual goddes [sic] for him.”

But before you get too carried away with your inner sexual goddes, realize that first you have to appear like the sort of woman who hasn’t had any sex.

The best number of previous sex partners is zero.

Yes, zero. Maybe a few. One commenter counters that this is unrealistic: A 26-year-old woman may have only had two previous sexual partners in long-term relationships that didn’t work out. Still, it’s recognized as “not ideal… but life happens.”

If you’re single, you shouldn’t be having sex at all.

In one post, a red-piller asks how other red-pill women deal with the lack of sex when masturbation isn’t enough, because obviously you can’t have any casual sex while single or you’ll water down your value as a premium lady. The answers: get frustrated; avoid situations that will make them horny — like following hot guys on Instagram — and “exercise to control the horniness.” In another post on not having casual sex, someone suggests taking the pill to lower sex drive.

You can’t have sex during the “vetting” process.

While you’re getting to know a potential jackpot man to determine if he’s suitable for a long-term relationship, you can’t fuck him. That’s because women feel too close to men after sex and “certain chemicals will kick in and cloud her judgment”—i.e., you’ll want to be with him before knowing whether or not he’s the one.

And no, you can’t sext him either, you slut.

That’s one of the many “slut tells.”

But you should make it clear that you’re wildly into sex.

Do that by telling him your fantasies, and being sexually playful, and having an open masturbation policy. Just don’t spread ‘em — yet.

Once you snag him, then you have to have sex constantly.

Unless someone’s injured or has an infection. Periods are an okay reason to turn sex down, sometimes. Illness, or being “in a bad mood after a crisis” is okay. But you should pretty much do it every day. It’s not okay to not be in the mood. That wouldn’t be fair to him — after all, “it isn’t okay for a man to not be in the mood to provide and protect,” they note. “If at all possible, say yes.” This makes sense, since the red-pill theory about sex is for men to focus exclusively on their own pleasure.

You can initiate sex, but not too often.

You can ask for sex, but if you do it too much, he’ll be exhausted.

If he still wants sex more than you do, give him a blowjob.

A woman writes in that she thought she was having a lot of sex with her husband, but he complained she said no too often. (She only says no during the following times: the middle of the night, her period, bad cramps, or after a big meal.) The response from the red-pillers? Get to blowin’.

If you’re not happy with the sex in your relationship, it’s your fault.

A woman who doesn’t enjoy sex with her husband is told in no uncertain terms that this is entirely her fault. “The shortcomings you’re experiencing in your sex-life stem from the exact root cause of the shortcomings of your relationship as a whole: your personal inability to self-reflect and take any responsibility for your behavior,” they write.

No matter what, always be enthusiastic—not about sex, but sex with him.

“’I don’t want a Dick-sucker,” one red pill man advises. “I want a woman who wants to suck my Dick.’ Just apply that to everything.”

Ultimately, the key to a great sex life is not being a bitch.

It worked for this red-pill woman — once she stifled that inner bitch, and let her significant other “be a man,” “he’s becoming free in his sexuality. Now we’re doin’ it every day, sometimes more.”