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The Olympian Who Can’t Get Hard, Why ‘Jaws’ is the Quintessential Summer Flick and Who Really Cares About Female Coaches in Male Sports

Women coaching men: Who gives a shit, honestly? As a former D1 collegiate athlete, I can say with some small semblance of authority that I never had a problem with my female coaches. In fact, at the time, I didn’t even think twice about it, especially considering they were often bigger ball-busters than my male coaches. And if my single solitary experience was a positive one, it must be true for everyone else, too.

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“Olympic Fencer Jason Rogers’ Biggest Battle Yet: Defeating Erectile Dysfunction”
Jason Rogers knows a thing or two about overcoming adversity. As a member of Team USA’s men’s sabre team at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, Rogers helped carry his fellow teammates to a silver medal, the first in that event since 1948. As amazing as that experience was, however, Rogers doesn’t want it to be his legacy. Because to him, winning silver wouldn’t hold a candle to defeating his real foe: Erectile dysfunction, a lifelong struggle for the fencer. C. Brian Smith squared off with Rogers on a piste in L.A., and when they weren’t parrying and riposting, they discussed an entirely different kind of sword fight. READ MORE

She Got Game

You know who makes a big deal over athletes being coached by a woman? Bitter fans, Twitter trolls and radio host Mike Francesa.

In professional sports leagues, a coach’s gender is nowhere near as relevant as Francesa and Co. make it out to be. Isabelle Kohn spoke to pro-basketball coach Nancy Lieberman, pro-football coach Jen Welter and a number of male athletes about the stigma of being a woman in a man’s game.


Sorry, Marvel Cinematic Universe: Despite the fact that Avengers: Endgame might be closing in on $3 billion worldwide at the box office, no matter how much it ends up making, it’ll never be the quintessential summer movie. Like Mickey Mantle’s number 7, that title’s been retired, all thanks to Jaws.

As Tracy Moore points out, it’s got surf, sand, sharks and tiddies — and what can be more summer-y than that?

Kid’s Size

Do you really need to buy kid versions of common consumables — like toothpaste, meals and medication — for your children? That all depends. Thankfully,  Ian Lecklitner’s gonna break it all down for you.

Running on Empty

Exercising consumes energy. We get our energy from the food we eat. If energy can’t be pulled from food, it’s pulled from our fat deposits. Ergo, exercising on an empty stomach will make you thinner, faster — quod erat demonstrandum. Right? Well, kinda, but not really.

It Ain’t Cheap Being Single

Psst — wanna get rich? Get a girlfriend, bro. You might think those dinner dates add up, but there are some major ways to save your money when 2 becomes 1.

Duck Noodle Soup for the Soul

Shawn Pham is a Vietnamese-American chef currently cooking at the critically acclaimed bakery and restaurant Fiona in L.A., and the fourth in a series of men we’ve interviewed about the dishes that — either through nostalgia or comfort — fill the soul. Pham’s meal of choice? His mom’s Mì Vịt Tiềm, aka duck noodle soup. Here’s Pham explaining why it’s so special.

A Winning Pair

Pro wrestlers will do anything to get over. Thanks to kayfabe, though, that doesn’t necessarily mean being the strongest or most athletic. A lot of the time, the way to win is to put on the best performance, and that means looking tip-top. Considering wrestlers don’t wear much in the ring, even something as simple as which trunks to pick can be the difference between success and failure.

Packin’ Heat

Tired: Dick pics.
Wired: Bulge pics.

This website (and the internet at large) is littered with anecdotes from victims of the unsolicited dong shot, and if it wasn’t creepy enough to receive a picture of someone’s junk, the fact that dicks frankly just look wack isn’t helping, either. But the bulge is tantalizing, artistic and flattering, no matter what you’re packing. And, unlike the dick pic, you might even find some willing recipients of your massive masterpiece.