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The Cult of the Bolted-Ons

Why some men like obviously fake boobs

We are, allegedly, in an era of “natural beauty.” Brands are increasingly advertising with “unretouched” photos, selling makeup products that make you look like you aren’t wearing makeup and emphasizing a love of one’s flaws. Gone are the days when heavy makeup, harsh lighting and noticeably fake breasts regularly graced the pages of Playboy. It’s now sexy to appear as though you aren’t trying to be sexy at all.

Yet despite the alleged popularity of natural beauty and the constant debate about whether boobs are out of style, the allure of fake breasts hasn’t necessarily declined as the number of breast augmentations continues to rise every year. In fact, since 2000, boob jobs have increased by 48 percent. Considering how commonplace implants are then, it would seem that men don’t actually hate fake boobs: They just hate the ones that look fake, with common complaints being that they’re too firm, too round, too stiff.

The worst insult of all, though, is that they look bolted-on.

As always, however, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And so, for the men of r/BoltedOnTits and r/BimboFetish, each of which have around 175,000 members, extreme breast augmentation is a total turn-on.

Per one user who goes by the name MichaelBoltOns (get it?), his initial interest in big boobs began with Anna Nicole Smith in Playboy, for which she first modeled in 1992. But it was the internet that allowed his fetish to blossom. “In the mid-1990s, I got dial-up, and hit the search engines typing things like ‘Big Fake Boobs.’ That was when I discovered the models from Score magazine,” he says, referring to the breast-centric adult production company Scoreland. “In the 1990s, Score was all about the biggest, fakest boobs on the slimmest girls. My mind was blown.”

Still, even MichaelBoltOns has limits. He prefers “larger, rounder and more ‘symmetrical’ implants,” and nipples that share the latter two qualities. In short, he doesn’t like it when the nipples or skin appear stretched too tightly, making the boobs look like shiny balloons. To that end, his ideal is 1990s adult star SaRenna Lee, whose implants are said to be size H.

They were allowed to grow to such proportions because, for a brief period, ultra-extreme “string” polypropylene implants were available in the U.S. The FDA, however, pulled the plug on them in 2001, mainly because they functioned like a parasitic self-feeding sponge. (They irritated the implant pocket to the point that the body produced a liquid that was absorbed by the implant, allowing them to grow in perpetuity.) Not that it prevented the popularity of “Bolt-On Babes” such as adult stars Chelsea Charms and Maxi Mounds, both of whom have made their cartoonishly huge breasts the signature element of their sex appeal.

Alena and Merzybitch from bimbofetish

“[Breasts] that are blatantly fake telegraph what’s important to the person with those artificial traits, and that’s hot,” says JulietteStray, a moderator on r/BimboFetish, who has had three augmentations that add up to 2,000ccs. (For reference, the average implant is 300 to 400ccs, which roughly translates to a D cup size depending on body type.) According to JulietteStray, large implants suggest that the person is “someone who likes a certain, blatantly sexualized look, even at the cost of violating social norms or having doors closed to them because of their appearance.”

“This is why I seek out larger and larger sizes for myself and want other blatantly artificial surgeries,” she continues. “I don’t feel like I telegraph these things enough based on how I get treated. There’s a visible overall shift, but it hasn’t shifted as far as I’d like. To a lesser degree, it’s also a bit of a status symbol. When you look immensely artificial, you look expensive.”

Another redditor, WhoCaresAboutNails, finds big implants hot for a similar reason. “The attraction for me comes from the overt sexuality of it. Having fake breasts, lips, etc. make for an over-the-top sexualized Barbie look that’s the polar opposite of most women,” he says. “I hope this doesn’t make me come off as gross, but someone who gets these kind of body modifications exudes sexuality, as if they had them done purely to make men excited.”

That said, sometimes their appeal are much, much simpler. Or as one redditor puts it, “I just like big titties.”