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Probiotics Are Being Pushed as a Ball Size Enhancer

Thanks to one study of mice, some guys are trying probiotics as a way of getting bigger testicles

A bigger penis? That’s passé. The hottest trend now is ballooning those balls. At least, that’s what a probiotic supplement and the YouTube ads promoting it are suggesting. 

Yes, a probiotic supplement — the kind traditionally used to keep your digestive system happy. Given that your digestive health is indeed linked to countless other functions of your body, it seems plausible there could be a link to probiotics and sexual health. But how does any of that translate to the claim that probiotics can make your balls grow?

One study of probiotics, testicle size and mice might be leading the discourse. In 2014, researchers at MIT dosed a group of mice with the probiotic bacteria Lactobacillus reuteri in their water. Over several months, the testicles of the mice given probiotic water grew progressively larger than those of mice only given plain water. Further, they had increased testosterone levels and were less susceptible to age-induced testicular atrophy. 

Seems promising, though we’re notably not mice and studies haven’t yet measured whether these effects appear in humans. Despite that discrepancy, people are still promoting probiotic supplements for enhancing ball size. On YouTube, Christopher Walker, men’s health vlogger and founder of the supplement brand Umzu mentions this specific study to sell a probiotic supplement containing the specific type of bacteria utilized by MIT. Currently, his most popular video on the subject has over 1.3 million views. 

As he notes, there are plenty of foods that naturally contain probiotics, including Lactobacillus reuteri, such as yogurt, sauerkraut and kombucha. If you’re too picky to eat these foods, though, you can buy his product for $45. Multiple reviews do claim the supplement has increased their ball size, as well as improved their digestion. “My digestion has improved drastically and about two weeks into using this product my balls started getting noticeably bigger and heavier. My wife has noticed too. What’s not to like? Worth every penny,” one states. 

There’s no real evidence to support the idea that this particular bacteria will increase your ball size, but then again, we do confidently rely on tests on mice for numerous other claims about human male sexual health, and of all the shady sex supplements out there, a probiotic is probably among the safest. For what it’s worth, not all over-the-counter probiotic supplements actually contain the specific strain of bacteria thought to be responsible for the ball enhancement, either. 

Nevertheless, you should probably choose your supplements based on what your body needs. While testosterone improvement might be one of those needs that probiotics may help with, bigger balls are likely far less of a necessity.