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Why Lots of Partners Think Premature Ejaculation Is Sexy

‘OH MY GOD THAT’S NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE… unless you liked it, in which case, yes, I can totally do that every time’

The medical definition for premature ejaculation states, “The premature ejaculation must cause some level of distress for the male, his partner or both to be defined as premature ejaculation.” But that definition might need amending, because the commenters in this Reddit thread prove that some people experience sexual enlightenment when their partner cums quickly.

The thread begins with commenter MrPupperThrowaway explaining that she becomes possessed by the spirit of arousal when her partner blows his load within seconds (sic, obviously, throughout):

“It’s weirdly such an empowering thing for me, especially because I have my own body issues that make me feel unsexy at times. He’ll be inside of me for only a few pumps, and then I hear him say, ‘I can’t help it. I’m going to cum!’ Like, fuck do I find that hot. It feeds into this weird fantasy that I have in my head in that moment: Fuck yeah, he’s coming this quickly because I’m a sexy fuck who can ride like no other.”

MrPupperThrowaway then proceeds to ask whether anyone else experiences the same affirming sensation when their partner cums early, and the vast majority of commenters enthusiastically agreed. Here are some of the comments explaining why these people love early orgasms (sic, again, throughout):

This Person Likes Lengthy Foreplay, but Curtailed Cumming

“I like it when foreplay last forever, and then he’s so turned on that he cums within one or two minutes of banging,” commenter classylassy28 explains. “He says, ‘You feel so fucking good’ and just can’t hold it.”

This Person Says Cumming Quickly Made His Partner Feel Sexy

“This girl I saw recently told me that she found it flattering, and she said so each time,” commenter artrandenthi1 writes. “The first few times, I wouldn’t last more than five minutes, and she used to say that it was flattering, and that she took it as a compliment.”

This Person Feels Better About Her Vagina When Her Partners Cum Quickly

“It makes me feel like Katya’s vibrating robot vagina has nothing on mine,” commenter fujicakes writes, referencing the Archer character Katya Kazanova, who has a detachable robo-gina.

This Person’s GF Thoroughly Appreciates When He Cums Early

“My girlfriend and I were making a video,” commenter yawaworht-_- writes. “It was our first time doing this, and it was so fucking hot. I came early without meaning to and was disappointed, but she told me that it really turned her on knowing that I was so turned on that I came early.”

This Person Thinks Cumming Is Hot No Matter How Quickly It Occurs

“As a mostly straight guy with a massive cum fetish, I find it extremely hot to be able to watch someone cum,” commenter prawnc writes. “Early or not, it will probably make me cum while watching, especially if they’re vocal and moaning. Being able to watch someone (either gender) orgasm really sets me off.”

This Person Wants Her BF to Cum Earlier

“My boyfriend usually edges to last longer,” commenter hostility_kitty writes. “But I would find it such a turn on if he was suddenly really into it, loudly moaning and saying, ‘I can’t fucking hold it back anymore’ before finishing inside of me. Sooo yummy, OMG.”

This Person Points to Subreddits Dedicated to Premature Ejaculation

“There’s at least one NSFW subreddit about it,” commenter blappity_doop writes. “So you’re not alone: /r/prematurecumshots.”

This Person Is Encouraged by His Wife to Cum Quicker

“My wife loves it,” commenter McKropotkin writes. “She loves the feeling of being used by a man, so she actively encourages me to finish quickly, then we both finish her off.”

This Person Believes Cumming Quickly Prevents Next-Day Soreness

“I’ve found that, with my wife, the longer the sex, the more sore she is later or the next day, which means she needs time to recuperate,” commenter Toph_er explains. “I try to keep it relatively short because of that.”