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This Vibrating, Fuckable PS5 Console Plays to Win

The P(eni)S5 is essentially a Fleshlight attached to a PlayStation, and you can hump it while you play ‘Fortnite’ with your friends

There have been countless attempts to gamify masturbation. Many of them have been marginally successful — take the numerous games that pop up on porn sites telling you you’ll cum in 30 seconds, or the growing world of virtual reality porn games. But the problem with these examples is that they don’t quite get at the core of what many gamers actually want: They don’t just want to make fucking a game, they want to fuck the game itself. And now, this might be a very real possibility. 

VR camming platform Dreamcam announced last week that they’d be unveiling a device intended to be attached atop a PlayStation 5 console that would allow players to functionally fuck their PS5. The device looks much like a Fleshlight or other masturbation sleeve, wherein penis-havers insert their dongs into a fleshy cylinder and manually thrust. In a giant leap for humankind, this object — dubbed the “P(eni)S5” and slated for release this spring — will also plug into the console’s USB port and vibrate. Most significantly, it’ll sync with traditional PS5 games, meaning that one can straight-up fuck the device while playing Fortnite or Spider-Man

“Having trouble choosing between your girlfriend or that brand-new PS5 she got you for Christmas? While there’s nothing like getting down-and-dirty with that special someone, we all know that hopping on Warzone or Fortnite with the boys all night is an experience unto itself,” Dreamcam Vice President Daniel Golden said in a statement to XBIZ. “Now, Dreamcam is allowing you to do both at the same time, all while satisfying your need to hit the sticks.”

As Golden tells me via email, if the product sounds like a joke, that’s because it was essentially inspired by one. “It was developed as a response to a meme during the PS5’s launch,” he says. “It became a joke that gamers were choosing their PS5 over sex with their girlfriends. So Dreamcam developed a product that eliminates that choice and allows gamers to have a kinky experience while playing Call of Duty or Fortnite.”

Of course, the product doesn’t so much eliminate the choice as much as it eliminates the girlfriend, or possibly prevents its owner from getting one at all — as a girlfriend myself, I’d prefer to be broken up with rather than having to constantly compete with a piece of technology. Nevertheless, gamers are enthused: As an anonymous tester told Golden, “The P(eni)S5 is a kinky twist on gaming that’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. The sleeve works just like a regular Fleshlight, and I was amazed at how seamlessly the device fits on the PS5! With Dreamcam VR goggles, the result was mesmerizing, and I would definitely try it again!” 

Obviously, the P(eni)S5 5 is, above all, a marketing ploy for Dreamcam. I’m here talking about it, after all. That said, I can’t help but think about the actual implications of such a device. If it’s intended to be used while playing your favorite games, are we to assume that your “boys” might be fucking their PS5 as they yell into their mic at you during COD? And wouldn’t having a vibrating Fleshlight on your dick while you play kinda distract you from the game?

Miles, a 29-year-old gamer in L.A., shared some of his thoughts about this with me. “Fortnite, Call of Duty, or my favorite, Halo, are ‘sweaty, competitive games,’” he explains. “Having my erection vibra-gargled by my console would put me at a distinct competitive disadvantage. Perhaps I could enjoy this thing during a casual, single-player game or during a less competitive moment, like visiting a strip club in Grand Theft Auto, or maybe admiring the bouncy boob physics in Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball.”

Were he to realize one of his friends was fucking the P(eni)S5 while playing, he’d have some choice words for him. “I’d say to my squad mate, ‘Mute your mic, I can hear your vibrating cock sleeve and heavy breathing,’” he says. “Clogging up the comms line with that stuff is a big no-no in competitive gaming.”  

While the P(eni)S5 is definitely a new form of fucking a console, it isn’t the first instance of someone doing so. On Pornhub, there are dozens of clips of women fixing dildos to their Nintendo Switches or using a fuck machine while playing Call of Duty. There’s even a prostate massager for gamers, and on Reddit, several people have discussed masturbating with the vibrating controller of their gaming systems.

I asked an internet friend of mine, Alejandro, who expressed interest in the PeniS5 on Twitter, whether they’d really fuck a device like this. “I’m not even a sex toy owner, but I think there’s no good reason not to fuck a PS5,” they tell me. “There’s this stereotypical image we get of the VR-headset wearing, machine-fucking loser, but who wouldn’t try it at least once just to see what it’s like?” Similarly, Miles acknowledges the utility of such an instrument. “When it comes to gaming with the boys, bros before hoes,” he says. “Even if your ho is your video game system.”

In the case of both the PeniS5 and vibrating controllers, the general thesis seems to be utility and convenience: You use it so you can get off without having to turn off your game, and because it provides a sensation you can’t achieve with your own hands. But what the PeniS5 should lean into more heavily is the pornographic theme of women riding their gaming consoles — i.e., consolidating the desires for a sexualized gaming experience into one object. Our attachment to technology is already intimate — most of us take our phones along with us for literally everything we do — and surely, the last two years of pandemic life have only deepened this relationship. 

It seems almost obvious, then, that some of us would get our wires crossed, to associate our constant urge for technological stimulation with our sexual urges, too. More than just eliminating the need to choose between a girlfriend and a game, the PeniS5 speaks to a third, more dystopian option that many have likely been yearning for all along. Now, the PS5 and your girlfriend are one in the same.