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Bikini Baristas Are Quickly Becoming Big NSFW Stars Online

Coffee shops hosted by women in lingerie are still open, but the baristas are seeing even bigger success online

There are dozens of subreddits filled with selfies of beautiful young women, pouting and posing in teeny thongs and sheer bra tops. Often, it’s the backgrounds of the photos that actually define them: Some subreddits are devoted to strippers in locker rooms, some to MILFs sneaking away to take a picture in their bathroom, others of the girl-next-door type dancing in her bedroom. Right now, though, there’s one particular type of background that seems to be rising in popularity — per Google Trends, what people really want to see behind their current favorite internet hotties is a wall of Torani coffee syrup bottles and a shiny chrome espresso machine. 

Thus, they’re all turning to r/NSFWBarista

Hannah from NSFWBarista

While strip clubs and bars might be slow for months, even years to come, lockdown seems to have been just fine for their tamer, daytime cousin, the bikini barista stand. Though these small, walk-up window coffee huts hosted by lingerie and skimpy bathing-suit-wearing women aren’t new, they’re having a digital moment. What might have been a semi-lucrative gig akin to working at Hooters or other breastaurants has become an avenue for creating an online adult content empire.

For many bikini baristas, it seems as though the money isn’t just in the tips from people looking for their daily caffeine fix, but in the OnlyFans subscribers looking for another kind of fix entirely. In fact, many of these subscribers may have never even been a customer in real-life — instead, they discovered these women through r/NSFWBarista. 

Bikini barista at pinupdolls Instagram is @barista_rielle from NSFWBarista

According to the data on Google Trends, “NSFW Barista” is among the top 20 related searches for adult content on Reddit over the last 12 months. It’s particularly popular in Washington, where the majority of these bikini barista stands are located. Currently, r/NSFWBarista is the home for much of this content and hosts 144,000 members, and although the group was created in 2013, it seems to have really begun flourishing over the last two years. 

Multiple posts are added each day, mostly of screenshots from Instagram taken by fans or photos posted by the women themselves. The subreddit has a verification process for the baristas to post and control their own content and ultimately works as a form of advertising for the girls. In fact, the moderators maintain a publicly visible spreadsheet listing the Instagram handles and OnlyFans links of over 250 women, with notes on what exactly the women show on their paid accounts (some creators post boy/girl pornographic content, while some don’t get nude at all). The subreddit prohibits content from OnlyFans or other paid sites from being shared unless done so by the women themselves, though it’s unclear how this is enforced. 

Perhaps the best thing bikini coffee stands have going for them at the moment is the simple fact that they’re open. Because they’re to-go-only businesses, they’re not as restricted by recent COVID-19 related shutdowns. This might be why the popularity of r/NSFWBarista has continued, despite the quarantine — for the people who frequent bikini coffee stands in the real world, the baristas and their coffees are two of the few thrills still accessible. 

Online, it’s much the same. Daily life may have come to a halt, but that cute girl you follow on OnlyFans making espresso with her ass out makes things feel normal.

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