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The Housewives of TikTok Have Discovered Male Butt Stuff

They’ve finally uncovered the male g-spot, and they want the whole (digital) world to know it

Not all of us grew up in a butt-stuff world. Particularly for those who reached adulthood before Twitter and exist primarily in heteronormative spaces, anal remains semi-mysterious, and there’s still a lot of confusion about who enjoys it and how it’s done. This is probably most true when it comes to butt stuff on straight guys (it’s not like they talked about prostate orgasms in health class, after all).

Nevertheless, there appears to be a growing set of savvy wives and girlfriends who are just now discovering that the male butthole is a source of pleasure. Recently, they’ve taken to sharing their discoveries on TikTok, and it seems they’re very eager about it.


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♬ Shake That Ass x Roll Me Up – J.Earl ?

In particular, there’s one popular TikTok format that shows housewives and live-in girlfriends discovering that a man’s “g-spot” is in his ass (and by “g-spot,” they mean “prostate”). It works like this: A woman — usually in her 30s or 40s — shows herself doing some research on the computer with the caption, “Me Googling where my man’s g-spot is,” and then acting shocked when she finds out. Sometimes, she even does a spit take.

Next, she starts lip-syncing to the song “Shake That Ass x Roll Me Up” by J. Earl, which features a woman’s voice calling “Babe?” repeatedly. After that, the woman searches around the house for “babe,” carrying her laptop with her, calling out for him via several frenzied screams. When she finds her man, she orders, still in line with the song, “Lay down, ass up.”

The overall message, of course, is that she’s just found some useful information on pleasuring him via his ass, and she simply has to try it.


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♬ Shake That Ass x Roll Me Up – J.Earl ?

One of the highest-viewed versions comes from @justtennille, whose profile says she’s “over 40.” It was posted in July and currently has more than 225K favorites. That said, the reaction is split, largely by gender. “Combine it with the Gluck-Gluck 3000 gobble-twist-and-shake and they’ll pop like a damn champagne bottle on New Years,” one woman writes. Many others joke that doing this to their husbands would turn them into “stalkers” who won’t leave them alone because of how much they enjoyed their anal probe.

But while some might argue that these TikToks help normalize straight male butt stuff, men themselves seem unconvinced. “Any ‘man’ that lets their girl do this is suspect, I’m sorry,” one guy sadly commented. Other guys seemed to threaten violence. “I’d be catching a domestic case,” another man wrote, sadder still.


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♬ Shake That Ass x Roll Me Up – J.Earl ?


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♬ Shake That Ass x Roll Me Up – J.Earl ?

Such comments really detract from the whole point of the trend, which is to show that many women are excited to learn new ways to give their partners pleasure. Pursuing ass play for the first time is obviously something that requires more nuance and discussion than a TikTok format allows, but the trend indicates the enthusiasm these creators have for exploring sex in fresh, adventurous ways. So again, it’s depressing — though not surprising — to see some men being so resistant.

Even the strangely aggressive, homophobic comments point to a reality that underlies the trend as a whole: Ass play simply hasn’t been part of the sexual discussion for much of the straight population, and many people have a lot of learning left to do on the matter. There’s not a ton of contemporary data on how many straight guys enjoy butt stuff on themselves, but a 2008 survey of 1,478 straight men found that 24 percent of them had been anally fingered. Meanwhile, a 2019 survey of 880 American adults conducted by Future Method reported that around 40 percent of straight participants had experienced having fingers or a sex toy in their ass. All of which is to say, a decent chunk of the straight male population enjoys ass play — probably because it can feel amazing — and that chunk continues to grow larger with every passing year.

The route to getting your prostate fingered by your partner may not be as direct as them Googling “male g-spot” and telling you to lay down with your ass up, but it’s not as though the TikToks expect it to be. It’s fine for guys to be unsure about trying it for the first time, but the comments from the women should be all the encouragement necessary to know that it’s gonna feel pretty decent.